Monday, November 29, 2010


Christmas Tree! Now complete with a star.

Our cute tree skirt.

Paraguayan Nativity

Stockings, and stocking holder (it says "Noel")

Wreath on  our door! (shh, it's supposed to be a candle holder base)

Thank you Hobby Lobby for providing the rest of our Christmas decor of 50% off!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday night, we took our car into the shop (yay!) and then we drove up to Nathan and Melanie's. They made us dinner (thanks!) and we had fun with them and the kiddos. Afterwards, we went and picked up our last two place sets of our plates, yay! And then we went saw Harry Potter (yes, again) with Alan and Jess. It's still good! :)

Thanksgiving morning Kyle and I slept in realllly late, and then we got up, got ready and drove over to my mom's. Ginger and Nadia also came, which was so fun! We ate sooo much good food!! Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are my absolute favorite meals of the years. Turkey, cranberry, potatoes, gravy... Those are my favorites things. We watched How to Train Your Dragon (surprisingly good!) and just chatted, and ate some more... Yum. It was a great day.

Today, Kyle and I put up our Christmas tree before he went to work. Thanks to Nathan, Melanie, and my mom for providing the tree and trimmings!

An Attitude of Gratitude

Sorry this is a day late, I didn't have time to blog yesterday.

I love this time of the year, it really causes me to reflect on how lucky and blessed I am.

I'm grateful for...

*Kyle, my best friend and the love of my life
*My family, and Kyle's - they love and support us so much
*Our wonderful friends
*Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, and the Atonement
*The Gospel in our lives, and the knowledge and light and peace we have because of it
*Temple blessings, and that we have a Temple right around the corner from us, and that Kyle and I were sealed in the Temple and are able to be together forever because of that
*The gift of the Holy Ghost
*Our apartment, and our heater
*Our jobs
*The chance that both of us had to attend BYU and gain a higher education
*Our memory foam mattress pad
*Our phones
*Our new computer

.... And so many more things, both material and not.

Our turkey's we made for FHE on Monday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 15

Put your ipod on shuffle, what are the first 22 songs that play? What are your tope 25 most played songs?

Top 25 Most Played
Oxygen - Colbie Caillat, Low - Flo Rida, Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson, With You - Chris Brown, Leavin' - Jesse McCartney, T-Shirt - Shontelle, Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson, No Air - Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks, Far Away - Nickelback, Paper Planes - MIA, Shake - Ying Yang Twins, Newport Living - Cute Is What We Aim For, Say It Again - Marie Digby, White Horse - Taylor Swift, Apologize - One Republic, If I Were a Boy - Beyonce, Halo - Beyonce, Fearless - Taylor Swift, You Found Me - The Fray, There Is - Box Car Racer, The Curse of Curves - Cute is What We Aim For, Ten Days - Missy Higgins, That's What You Get - Paramore, So Small - Carrie Underwood, Baby, Come On - +44

First 22 Songs on Shuffle
Here's To You - Rascal Flatts, If I Were A Boy - Beyonce, Rewind - Paramore. White Flag - Dido, You Got It - Nsync, Perfect - Maren Ord Crazy People - The Wreckers, Seven Days Without You - Teddy Geiger, Bold As Love - John Mayer, Let It All Hang Out - Weezer, This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race - Fall Out Boy, A Perfectly Good Heart - Taylor Swift, Chop Me Up - Justin Timberlake, Take Me or Leave Me - from the musical RENT, You and Your Hand - Pink, Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy, Defying Gravity - from the musical Wicked, Swiss Army Romance - Dashboard Confessional, Home Sweet Home - Carrie Underwood, Should've Said No - Taylor Swift, Take a Chance on Me - ABBA, Vanilla Twilight - Owl City, My Paper Heart - All American Rejects, All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson

I've got a variety of songs on my Ipod, obviously, haha. I like a lot of stuff!

Ramblings... (again)

Last night there was supposed to be a huge blizzard. And while I'm sure that some parts of the state got hit pretty badly - Provo did not. After all the hype I was actually getting pretty excited for a huge snowstorm I got about 3 emails, and a good 20 texts from BYU's emergency service - they closed campus for crying out loud! But... only a few flurries came. Granted, it is freezing outside. Perhaps it's too cold to snow.

Today I was able to sleep in. Sleeping is something I love to do. Kyle didn't get off work until 7 am, so he came home and went to straight to bed, and it was nice to be able to snuggle with him for a while. Today we're taking our car to the shop - so they can actually order parts and things before the holiday. Hopefully we'll get our car back in a week and a half to two weeks! For now, we have our rental car (which I definitely won't complain about - I love it.) We're also running a few errands, and driving up to West Jordan to have dinner with Nathan and Melanie and the kids. Avery has started to smile now, so we're excited to see that.

I'm sick of my blog layout... Maybe I'll be able to find a cute Christmasy one that I love. I just get so annoyed with my blog sometimes, haha. It never looks how I want it to. I'll figure it out.

For FHE this week, Kyle and I read President Monson's talk "The Divine Gift of Gratitude" from this past General Conference. And then we made hand turkeys :) Have I ever told you that being married is the best? It really is.

Not too much else is happening in our life. This weekend I'll be working on papers, and Kyle will be at work. But that's ok. There are only 2 weeks left of classes, and then finals week, and then we're DONE with this semester! Graduation is so close.... (I'm kind of sad that I didn't know I could add a few classes to be certified as a family life educator on top of my degree until this semester. I probably would have done it.)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Day 14

A picture of you and your family...

I'm lucky to have not one, but two awesome families!
My parents are awesome, and have always been so supportive of me.
And I seriously could not have asked for better in-laws.

My mom, little sister, and my dad.
Kyle's family, there are four boys, and Kyle's the youngest.
From L to R: Blaine, Brooke, Allie, Holly, Kyle, me, Evan, Liam, Mel, Whitney, Nathan, Jess, and Alan. (And now Avery's two months old, and Brooke is pregnant with twins, yay for families growing!)

Love you guys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 12 and 13

Day 12- Something you don't leave the house without...

I really can never leave the house without chapstick. I have to have some with me at all times. If my lips feel dry, that's all I can think about. I gotta have me some chapstick, always. And of course, my favorige is Burt's Bees, original. Yum.

Day 13-Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future..

Well, you know, there's this guy named Kyle, and I married him for a reason :)

Love you, babe.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Missy Eyre is my HERO

How amazing is this? Missy had made one of her wedding pictures, I said I liked it, she said she'd make me one... And voila, here it is! 

Check out her photography website at!

Day 10 and 11

Day 10-Songs you listen to when you're happy, sad, mad, hyped...

Here's a few, I have more. Also, I don't listen to these songs in just these situations. Most of the songs/artists are my favorite anytime.

Happy: Carrie Underwood, My Life Would Suck Without You-Kelly Clarkson, Must've Done Something Right-Reliant K, Taylor Swift, Tower of Sand - Chris Merritt
Sad: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls, Closing Time - Semisonic, Missy Higgins
Mad: Paramore, +44 
Hyped: Shake-The Ying Yang Twins, anything by Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga

Day 11- A photo of yourself two years ago - how have you changed?...

Me, October 2008.

Me, December 2008.
I've changed in so many ways.

Physically - I've gained weight, I grew out my hair, cut it, and am growing it out again. 
Spiritually - I've been through the Temple, I've really learned how to rely on the Lord, I still am making my testimony stronger. 
Other ways I've changed - So many changes have taken place in my life in the past two years... It's been a journey, that's for sure, and I've learned to "enjoy the journey". I'm married to my then home teacher. I've made many new friends, broadened my horizons. I'd like to think that I'm much more mature than I was two years ago. I've "discovered" myself more. I'm not as overly emotional or crazy or depressed as I was then.
I'm just me.

Friday, November 19, 2010


So, if we're friends, I hope you know that I love Harry Potter.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (aka year one) was published in the US in September of 1998. The next year, when I was 10, my fifth grade teacher read us the first book in class. We were all hooked. We bought the book. My mom loved it, especially all the English humor and words (my mom's from London, in case you didn't know).
Ever since then, I've been hooked. The last 11 years of my life, I've grown up with HP. He's like best friend. I even started writing a book about Harry's secret little sister, Allison Potter who was a newborn when the parents died and was raised by Dumbledore himself at Hogwarts under a different name. What can I say, I had a wild imagination back then. I've always had the book pre-ordered (or, more accurately... my dad has).

So, last night/this morning was the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1 (movie, duh). Sarah, Ginger, Caroline, Kyle and I went together. S and G got in line around 4. Kyle and I followed around 5:30. We choose to go to the Provo Towne Center theater, so we would be indoors. Good choice! Although, our backs hurt quite a bit after sitting on the hard albeit carpeted floor. We ate, played bananagrams, read, slept, talked, etc.

And let me tell you, the movie was not a disappointment. I LOVED IT. SO MUCH. I think it's my favorite movie so far. It was just so well done. And I cried multiple times. And I laughed a lot. And it was creepy and scary and jumpy.
It was perfect.
(maybe I'll actually "review" it later.)
Now all that's out of the way, here are some wonderful pictures of the night.
(a lot of pictures.)

Within the first few hours.

Stylin' 3D glasses.

Kyle curled up trying to nap.

Kyle drew on mine and Sarah's scars.

This is us. Tripsies.

HP silly bandz. We're hip.
Also, my department at work is legit, and today was Harry Potter day.
Yesterday we took a field trip to go listen to the bell tower play the HP theme, and we used the sorting hat (aka bowl with strips of paper that said house names in it) to sort us into houses. Today, we came to work dressed up in our houses colors. And then we took pictures. And hung up the house crests on our wall.

All the morning crew.



I love my life.

Now just for July 2011 to get here....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i'm sick of titles

Not too eventful of a day.
Kyle slept. I went to school and work. My Christmas cards came in the mail. My mom visited. We went to see Sam and got dinner at the Cougareat. We got my menu board laminated. We decided not to go to the BYU game because a) it was cold and b) Kyle didn't want to shave. We're awesome.

(on a side note: the insurance adjuster called us today when Kyle was asleep - he called her back and left a message and let her know where we live, etc. she just called back about 15 minutes ago, and said she drove around our parking lot, and couldn't find the car, and she'll be back on Friday. we were like - um, why couldn't you have just called and asked where the car was? you were right there! [she was in the wrong parking lot - we have two in our complex] how silly.)

Yesterday three things happened - we got our rental car, we renewed our apartment contract for another year, and I bought a really cute fall welcome sign to hang on our front door. So cute!

I'm beginning to get really excited for the holidays. Thanksgiving will be a nice break, yes. I love the fall time of year, with no snow. I love the crunchy leaves. Today was a beautiful day. BUT I'm also excited to start decorating for Christmas. I'm a pretty firm believer in not putting up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but I'm getting really excited for that time to be here. Especially since our first married Christmas :) We were engaged last Christmas, and it was a good one. But not being married was a little inconvenient, especially where sleeping arrangements are concerned, ha! Plus, this year we actually have our own little home. And can start incorporating and starting traditions. Love it.

one last thing -
(maybe I'll go start on the 7th book right now. I'm a fast reader, and between the next few hours, and the hours waiting in line tomorrow.... I can totally get it done.)

Ok, one really last thing - enjoy this great performance from Glee last night.

Lola's Accident

So Saturday I was cruising on my way to work. It was 7am and there was very little traffic as usual. No one gets up early to go to work on Saturdays. I was cruising westbound along University Parkway in the right lane. As I came up to the light by UVU there was a semi in the lane to the left of me waiting for teh light to change. As I came up to the light, it turned green and we both went to get on the freeway northbound. As we started making the turn to go north he decided he wanted to be in my lane. Needless to say I was a little surprised. My car was about even with the front of the cab.
First I thought "He isn't staying in his lane very well." Then "Wow I wonder if he is paying attention." Next I'm thinking "Uh oh this guy is definitely coming over." At this point I step on it and try to move over on the shoulder as far as I can, but there isn't much room because of the construction barricades. Quickly I realize "This dude is going to hit me." I lay on the horn but by this point it's too late. He rams into my driver side door with the front right corner of his cab. My poor little Sonata gets knocked sideways and now suddenly I'm thinking "Well that really got out of hand fast. Now I'm totally out of control and this just might roll if the semi keeps pushing me." Somehow my car didn't roll and Lola escaped with a blown tire in the rear on the driver side and just a few dents and scrapes along the driver's side. Honestly I can't believe that this is all that happened to her (no broken windows or airbags deployed). I think the wheel and the wheel well took the brunt of it from the bumper of the semi. The highway patrolman said to put on the spare and see how it worked. Thankfully I made it to work and home afterwards.
For the split second when my car was perpendicular to the road and the side of my car was being pushed by the semi, I thought there was a chance that I could die. I had no control whatsoever and it was not a feeling I enjoyed to say the least. I said a very quick prayer and thought I can't die. I can't leave Britt. Now is not my time to die. Thankfully I didn't and miraculously not more damage was done.
Although being dead would almost be preferable to dealing with insurance companies. Especially when you call and they transfer you to the commercial claims department and they tell you to call someone else and you go back and forth between two different groups telling you that the other one is the one you need to talk to. I seriously had about 12 phone numbers written down, had left countless messages, and was on a first name basis with two different supervisors before I finally got them to give me a claim number and get me a rental car Tuesday afternoon. 3 days of phone calls and waiting to hear back from people. Now I just have to wait and see what the insurance appraisal is and then its off to a collision shop to get her fixed.
All I can say is car accidents are a pain (in more than one way) and insurance companies are a joke. So watch out for truckers because some of them aren't watching out for you!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Favorite Cookies

These cookies will change your life.
Well, as long as you love chocolate and caramel.

1 box devils food cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil

Mix together first three ingredients.
Place one (unwrapped) Rolo into each ball of dough.
Place on ungreased cookie sheet.
Cook for 6-8 minutes at 350 degrees.
(I like to put the timer on for six, and then see if they need an extra minute or two, they usually don't. You know they're done when the tops start "cracking".)
Taste heaven.


In Case You Didn't Know....

This week is Harry Potter week.
Why, you ask? 
(If you're asking why.... Well, you should be ashamed of yourself.)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1 comes out on Friday.
Kyle and I have midnight tickets with Sarah, Ginger, and Caroline.
Yes, I will wait in line for hours.
Yes, I will be wearing my Gryffindor crest shirt.

In honor of this week... I present to you some wonderful movie posters.
And a trailer.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 9

How you found out about blogger and why you have one.

I found out about blogger a looooong time ago.
Before it was even cool.
I must have been... about 14. 
My dear friend Camille Belnap (now Spence) had come upon it somehow, and had created a blog. I looked at it, tried to comment, and it forced me to create a profile. Voila, my first blog was born. (And I'm pretty sure my first profile name was something like spaz-n-bubbles.) Who the heck even knows what I blogged about then... That profile and blog is long gone. 

I happened upon blogger again about 2 years after that.
In my Honors 11th grade English class we were required to keep a weekly analysis blog. 

Then, I created a personal blog my freshman year of college. First it was for my own musings, and writings, then I started documenting my ongoings. This one is still alive, but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Sometime I'll print it all off into a book or two, for memories sake. 

Then, last year, I created this blog for Kyle and I. 
We use it to keep our family and friends updated.
I also use it for my own entertainment - I just love to blog! - and for a sort of "journal". 

I have a couple other blogs, but I think the rest of them are private. Just for my own writing, and thinking... 

I'm a little crazy, but I love blogger, I love to blog, and I love to read blogs! :)

Some Ramblings

I just lugged our laundry down to the laundry room - and what did I find? All the washers were full. Boo. While I am thankful for access to a washer and a dryer... I WANT ONE IN MY OWN HOUSE. That is my one requirement for where ever we move next year. Washer and dryer, in my house. Luckily, Kyle technically already owns a washer and a dryer, part of his "inheritance" from his Grandma and Grandpa. So, all we need is to find a place with hook-ups and we'll be set. Can't wait.

I forgot, I don't think I've mention this on my blog yet... And while we're still not 100% sure this is what's going to happen (still trying to make it work...) we think it will be the best for us.
I'm delaying graduation until August. (I know, that's not such a big deal.)
Because, we have decided that it will be more beneficial for us if I can keep my great job for the summer months before we move to whoknowswhere, and in the summer, you're allowed to work fulltime at an on-campus job. Plus I'll still have my student insurance.
So, to recap:
Graduate in April - have no insurance, try to find a job that I may or may not get fulltime at slash one that I will only be at until August.
Graduate in August - work up to 40 hrs/wk the whole summer and have insurance.

Still trying to figure out exactly how to "work the system" - but basically, since I haven't technically applied for April graduation (did I ever blog about how my college withdrew my application?) and the deadline for that is in like, 2 days... I just won't. And hope I don't get some sort of angry Dean at my door or something.

So, all that being said - August 11 and 12 could not come any sooner.

We're still planning on going on a vacation to Florida during the summer though! We've been saving since we got married. Visiting with my dad, seeing the place I was born, going to HARRY POTTER LAND, going to the beach, maybe visiting one or two other theme parks, perhaps going to a Braves game in Atlanta.... All of this sounds quite fantastic to me. (Especially since it's about 36 degrees outside right now.)

Ok, enough rambling, I need to get on and do homework, and watch the BYU game, and clean my kitchen, and work on my to do list, and write in my journal, and make lunch, and.... You get the idea.

I'm ready for Kyle to get home (at 3:30) because then we get to go run some errands, make dinner, watch the Jazz game, watch Robin Hood (thank you, Netflix), and just spend time together. And tomorrow we're going to N & M's for dinner. Love our family.

PS - my dear friend Emily Snow and I went to Zupas yesterday. I could eat their Tomato Basil soup and Turkey Cranberry panini every day for the rest of my life.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Not too much has been going on in the Hanson household lately.
We've been working, schooling, cooking, eating, talking, and sleeping.
I can't believe how fast this semester has flown by!
Only 4 more weeks of classes, and then finals - how crazy.

Tonight we went to our stake institute night. Our stake presidency, high council, and RS presidency has started to do this thing - where once a month we have stake institute at our stake center, and they feed us dinner for the first hour, and then teach a lesson out of the Eternal Marriage institute manual. We really enjoyed going tonight - even Kyle (there was a Jazz game and a BYU basketball game on...). We had steak, potatoes, green beans, salad and a cookie, yum!

We received our wedding prints in the mail, and then a few days later we got our wedding album!
It looks like this and we love it.

That's about it for us. I can't think of much else to blog about.... Such is life.

Day 8

Your Favorite Movie.

This is a hard one.

A Walk to Remember, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Pearl Harbor, and The Notebook definitely top this list, chick flick wise.

Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones are classics.

The Emperor's New Groove, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo are some favorite animated ones.

Harry Potter, of course.

Star Trek is great.
I love the French movie Amelie.
Fight Club, 17 Again, Anchorman, Mean Girls, Inception, Cloverfield, She's The Man, the Batman movies (as mentioned in a previous post)....

I can't choose just one. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 7

Short term goals for this month.

I always have a to-do list. 
I have to have one.
And I like to make goals.

Some current ones are...
1) Kick start my scripture reading habit again
2) Keep my house reasonably clean
3) Do ALL my homework, and do it well
4) Cook more
5) Be less focused on myself, and focus on how I can help others
6) Focus more on being thankful and enjoying the journey 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

6 Months!

Today is our 6 month anniversary!
It seems like a long amount of time, and a short amount of time.
I love being married to Kyle.
He's the very best, and better than what I could have ever hoped for.
In honor of it being six months, here are 6 things that I love about him.

1) I love his sleepy smile that he gives me in the morning.
2) I love how he's always willing to listen to my ramblings.
3) I love how willing he is to help cook and clean.
4) I love how he makes me feel safe.
5) I love how he'll get up from the bed to unplug our iPod dock because he knows I hate the light it creates when it's plugged in and it will keep me awake.
6) I love that he loves me.

I'm so grateful for Kyle, and for the blessings of the Temple.

Friend Fun

Yesterday I was able to catch up with a lot of friends!
Stephanie Lewis and I went out to lunch.
I went out to dinner with Emily, Shelly, Ashley and Aubrey (and their friends Mikelle and Malia) to celebrate Shelly getting married in to weeks!
I hung out with Collin, Channing, and Emily Snow - just for fun.

I love my friends.

Ever since getting our new computer, Kyle and I are loving watching movies (Netflix) in bed. Tuesday night we watched Jaws, and Thursday night we watched The Pelican Brief, complete with candy, popcorn and lemonade. It's probably one of the most fun things we've done at home since we've been married. Movie nights in bed are going to be a weekly occurance, I think.

Today, I'm going to the BYU game with Sarah and Ginger. Kyle headed up to SLC for an interview with the people who are in charge of picking this season's Jazzbot, and then he's watching the football games with Alan.
Later, we'll go to Divine Comedy with Sarah and Ginger.

Good day? I think so.

(Now to focus on homework I have to do this week....)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 6

Favorite super hero and why.

Especially the Christian Bale version of Batman.

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are two of my favorite movies.
(Katie Holmes is SO much better that Maggie Gyllanhaal though.)
I love Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Heath Ledger...
Oh, so good.

(The Dark Knight Rises, the third movie, comes out in 2012)

That being said. 
I love the old cartoon Batman's as well.
Batman and Robin, anyone? 

So good.

Plus, Batman is just a regular guy with some freakin' awesome equipment and a ripped body.

Day 5

A picture of somewhere you've been to.


I didn't take this picture, but it shows how beautiful the city is. This was my very favorite stop on our cruise.

This is us off the coast of Mazatlan in a sail boat :)

Other cool places I've been include Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas (both on our cruise), California, and England.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just a Few Things...

Flowers from my man.

The pot of candy I won at Ashley's shower on Saturday.

Our new bath set (rugs, towels and shower curtain). It matches our bedding - see??!

Day 4

A habit that you wish you didn't have.

This is a hard one.
It's not that I think I'm perfectly flawless.
I am - flawed, I mean.
But... Habits I wish I didn't have?

Is being selfish a habit? 
I'm trying hard to be better.

Is being lazy a habit?
I'm also working on that.

Also, I used to bite my nails when I was little, but I got over it.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Today I came home during my hour break between 12 and 1. 
I was super stressed and grumpy for some reason.
Our house is a mess, and I had a test to study for and take, and I haven't been too hungry lately.

Kyle made me lunch. And then took me to campus.

I came home about 3ish hours later to a clean kitchen, a clean dishwasher, a made bed, a dozen roses on the kitchen table, and the cutest note ever.
(Kyle had already left for work.)

Oh, I am so grateful for him. 
Love you, Kyle.

Weekend Adventures

Not my most favorite holiday.
Actually it's my least favorite holiday.
Something about being scared; and creepy things make me feel icky.

So, I wasn't really looking forward to it.
But it was a great weekend.

Friday: Kyle didn't have to work! So we were able to go to our ward Halloween party together. We rode up with Aaron and Erica Arnson, who happen to live above us, and we are so glad we got to know them better. We have similar stories, and are fairly similar when it comes to personalities. Yay for married friends we like! Anyway, so the party was up at Sundance, in a cabin. We mostly just chatted, and ate, and watched the NBA games on ESPN, and had a costume contest. (Kyle and I did not dress up - but when asked, we said we were Muggles.)

Saturday: Kyle went to work early, and caught a ride with his co-worker so I could have the car. That morning was his cousin Ashley's baby shower, and so I drove up to Lehi for that. It was so fun being with the girls in the family. Ashley is due December 27th, with a baby boy they're going to name Mason. So cute! After that was over, I drove around and then picked up Kyle from work. We headed up to Nathan and Melanie's to get some quality family time in - especially since Kyle's mom and dad were in town! Liam, Whitney and Avery looked so cute in their costumes! (Buzz Lightyear, Minnie Mouse, and a pumpkin, respectively). But sadly, I didn't get any pictures - I forgot my camera! So, we visited, and ate, and handed out candy to the neighbor kids.

Sunday: We drove back up to N and M's for Avery's baby blessing. Oh, she looked darling! Then, of course, we spent the day with family again, eating and talking. We love our family time. (And my mom and sister were there too, so it was extra fun for everyone to be together.) And last but not least... Here are some pictures!

Day 3

A picture of you and your friends.

Well, this post might have quite a few pictures. Because, you see, I have many groups of friends. 

From left to right: Dani, Ayisha, and Emily.
Dani: I have known for the longest. We met our first day of 5th grade at good old Wasatch Elementary. We've been bff's since, and were roommates our sophomore year of college at the Riv. To find out more about her, click here

Ayisha: I met in 7th grade. We quickly became close friends. We kept in touch when I moved to Lehi, and when I moved back to Orem, we picked up right where we left off. She's been one I can call and lean on for going on 10 years now, and I love her.

Emily: I met my sophomore year, in my ward at the Riv. She lived two floors below me. Her roommate, Natalie (who is also one of my good friends) cut hair, and one night in September or October, I decided I wanted my hair cut. Natalie cut it, and the three of us chatted.... And the rest was history. 
Emily is the very best friend ever. We don't see each other as often now, but I know I can turn to her for anything. She totally gets me, and we can just vent to each other, with no judgments :) 

From left to right: Ginger, Sarah.
I love these girls, so much.
I've blogged about them recently though, so for more info, click here

L to R: Danielle, Lindsay, Leanna, Steph, Annika, Natalie, Kellie, Adrianne (with Danielle's baby, Logan).
 Front L to R: Em and I.

L to R: Lindsay, Nikki, me, Jenny, Jen's cousin, Ann, Kellie, Leanna, Danielle, Steph, Em, and Kellie.

L to R: Natalie, Leanna, Bonnie, Kel, Jenny, me, Steph, and Cassie.

Do I even need to say this? I love these girls. Forever.

Oh, and there could be many more.
Britt Whiting, Mal, high school girls, Chuck E Cheese's friends, Seven Peaks friends, Lauren Jones, Whitney Bleyl, my besties from high school: Collin, Aaron, Peter, and Braden, Dance Co girls... the list could go on. 
But I'll refrain.

I have the best friends ever. 
And you know who my bestest best friend is???

This guy.

(And Jesus is my bff, too.)