Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My BFF Dani

(This is Dani)

So, everyone who reads my blog, who knows that Sunday was Dani's farewell, must think that I'm a terrible person since I didn't even mention it in my last post. The real reason is that I was going to do a whole entire post on just Dani and I, and so I didn't mention it. I'm just now getting around to it... I love my Dani!

(Kyle, Dani and I at her farewell on Sunday)

Danielle Elena Israelsen was born on August 23, 1989.
Ok, this isn't really going to be a biography on her.

We met the first day of 5th grade. Dani had just transferred, and so was new. Since our last names are relatively close in the alphabet (G and I) we sat next to each. Also sitting by us was my BFF since 3rd grade, Lexi.
However it happened, we became friends.
And then best friends. I spent hours, days, weekends over at Dani's.
Her family became my second family (and they still are).
I have so many memories at their old house... Swim parties, playing N64, playing house, playing store, playing with their pet bunny, watching movies, sleeping in the guest bed, jumping on the tramp, etc, etc.
6th grade ended, and Dani and her family moved up to Alpine. I started junior high in Orem. Then, my mom got remarried and we moved up to Lehi. We had many sleepovers, as any BFF's in junior high and high school would do. Most of the time, they were at Dani's house. I met most of her friends up there, and they became my friends as well.

(Dani and I at a basketball game our senior year of high school)

We were there for each other at stake dances, for first boyfriends, breakups, first kisses.
Then, we both came to BYU.
And we decided to be roommates, which we were, our sophomore year.
(My dear Kyle was our hometeacher....)

(Dani and I on my birthday the year we were roommates)

(Dani and I the night before she left to Uganda in 2009)

(Dani as one of my bridesmaids, along with Ayisha and Emily)

And now, my dear BFF Dani is heading out on her mission to JAMAICA.
She enters the MTC on August 5th.

Dani is the very best person that there could ever be. She's kind and caring and thoughtful. She has a huge heart. Her testimony of the Gospel is amazing. She's forgiving. She's crazy and fun. She's the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She is going to be an amazing missionary, and I am so excited for her! I'll miss her!

I love her so so so much! She has been the very best friend for going on 12 years now!

I love you, Daniella!!!


9c said...

Dear Brittanny,

You are a very good blogger. I like reading your blog :)

Dani Israelsen said...

Britt I was just googling my name and found this I love you :)

Dani Israelsen said...

Britt I was just googling my name and found this I love you :)