Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh hey.

Meet my bff's, Ginger and Sarah. (Sarah is the redhead, in case you were confused.)
I like them an awful lot.

We met in a really random roundabout way. 
Sarah and I were part of the Waiting for a Missionary group on facebook. We had missionaries that left six weeks apart. We were friends on facebook for a while.
Then we hung out a few times.
We thought we would be good friends, but, oh, how life is busy.

Anyway, somehow, we decided to get all sport pass tickets together in 2009. And Kyle moved into Ginger's ward, which is Sarah's neighboring ward. And Ginger and Sarah were already bff.
And then over the course of the 09-10 school year, we hung out quite a bit.
(Three hour hang out sessions in the Terrace in the Wilk.)

And the rest, as they say is history.
Now we hang out at least once a week.
Pretty sure last week it was three times a week.

We're legit.
And I'm so lucky to have bff's like them.
(ps -we just had an entire non-sensical conversation on a wall post on Sarah's wall on fb. 34 comments. that's what spurred this quick post).

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ginger said...

ok, so usually i just read your blog from reader, but I'm glad i came here because it is SO CUTE. also, loved this post. love you.

oright is my verification and it gave me a chuckle