Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pictures from Last Weekend

I'm not really in the mood to type.... So I'll just add pictures and captions.

Me and Janae's baby Kynzlie. Isn't she the cutest? I love her. And this was at Nancy's shower.

All of us! Katie, Whitney, Nancy, Ish, Janae, Kynz, me, and Missy in front.

This is our "let's pretend to all be prego" picture.


Kynzlie, again.  So cute.

Me and Kyle at Kav's Indian Bridal Shower.

Jeevan showing us his moves.

Tash, Jeevan, and Sheila front and center!

Ish and Tash.

Sheila and Lance. Oh I love them.

Me and K.

Modeling my sari!

Me and my Isha.

Missy practicing her Indian poses.

Me and Miss.

Me and Ish.


I've become one of those people who never blog.


I even have somethings to blog about (like OMG NANCY HAD HER BABY LAST NIGHT). And how my Hunger Games tickets are bought, and how JKR announced a new book. And how last weekend was awesome, and I dressed up in a sari and had the most delicious Indian food and saw friends). And how this weekend will be awesome too.
But I can't even bring myself to do that.
This post isn't even going to have pictures from crying out loud.

But it's fine.
Ok, bye.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Excited....

for our next two weekends!

This weekend we're headed down to Utah - I'll get to see Sarah and hopefully Ginger, go to Nancy's baby shower and see the girls, and then go to Kav's Indian party with K and Isha and other friends and party like crazy :) And Sunday night is a youth fireside which I'm super excited about.

Next weekend we'll be headed down to Utah again for baby Claire's blessing. I'm excited to see the family who we haven't seen since Christmas, and EXTRA excited because Blaine and Brooke are coming up from California and we haven't seen them since September! Ok, ok, I'm mostly excited to see Luke and Logan! Who will be 8 months old, and we haven't seen them since they were 2 months. Oh goodness. And Mom and Dad Hanson will be there as well. We love when the whole family can be together :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Finally getting the Valentine's Day post up :)
We had a good one! And basically celebrated all week. 

We started off by going out to dinner on Saturday night. We went to Butterburr's up here in Pocatello, and it was pretty good! Our favorite thing that we tried were their fried frenchies. Basically mini grilled cheese sandwiches deep fried and served with ranch. Oh, my, heaven. So good.

Monday night I surprised Kyle by making hamburgers, and setting the table with VDay tumblers, Martinelli's, a heart shaped box full of miniature Reese's cups, and his card. I did my surprise on Monday night because I wasn't going to be home before him on Tuesday. 
Tuesday morning I was surprised with flowers, a bag of Dove chocolates, a mug with pictures of us on it, and a canvas print of one of our engagements! K then cooked a delicious dinner of steak and mashed potatoes, and made creme brulee for dessert.

Then, Thursday we went out to lunch together as well to use a coupon we had. And my last gift for Kyle came on Friday - a photo book with reasons I love him and lots of photos of us in it.

I love my Kyle so much!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion Saturday

Because I can do Fashion (Fri)Days any day I please. And by that I mean "it's my blog and I can pick the days I look cute to post a picture of myself." 
I still feel like a poser posting pictures of myself solely for you to look at me.
But I'm going to do it anyway.
Because I am vain? Jumping on the bandwagon? A poser?
I don't know.... But here goes.

Shirt - DownEast Basics, Tank - Aeropostale, Skinny Jeans - Forever 21, Boots - Forever Young

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today K and I switched on the TV, and the first thing we saw was Liv Tyler as Arwen.
Since I'm currently reading LOTR I'm slightly obsessed with watching the movies and so I got really excited, and yelled, "It's Harry Potter!"

Oops :)

Clearly not even my excitement over LOTR can distract from my love for HP.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Friday

But really it's Fashion Thursday, because this is my outfit from yesterday. 

Black skinny jeans from Forever 21, cream shirt with flower from Head Over Heels, green cardigan from Target. Not picture are my rocking black boots from Payless.

Sorry for the phone quality. 
Also, do you like Fashion Fridays?
Or am I lame for thinking you want to know what I'm wearing?

(Also... I hate blog posts that end in questions to the readers. So now I kind of feel extra lame. Oh well.)

This is Kind of a Boring Post

I started full-time on Tuesday. And I am loving it. I get home around 4:30, I have time to relax, get things done, cook dinner, and be with Kyle. It's amazing really. Still trying to learn all of my job responsibilities... But loving it nonetheless. 

I went to book club on Monday night. It was awesome! Like I mentioned before, I went with Kasi. She is in the Counseling program with Kyle and so we met that way. She is so fun, and it was so nice of her to invite me along to the book club she was joining. The other girls in the book club were so nice and welcoming, and I'm looking forward to going each month and building friendships with them. I'm also excited to read the books we are planning on reading... As I mentioned, this month's book was The Kite Runner. March's book is The Rules of Civility, which I'm excited to start soon. I should probably finish LOTR first though.... I just started The Two Towers last night :)

I've been reminiscing this week on my wedding day, our Florida trip, and looking forward to our California trip in August! It's also crazy to think that Kyle has just a little over a year until he is graduated with his master's degree! Woah! My husband is awesome. And I love him :)

I don't have too much more to update on... Our lives are great, but not too exciting :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday, and other news

Today was the Super Bowl. 
K and I love the Super Bowl. (Ok, K likes it a bit more than I do... I like food and gathering and socializing and half time shows that go along with it, but you know - same dif.) And even though it was just the two of us today instead of hosting a party like we have the last few years, we still enjoyed it. 
We had a "heartbaker" pizza from Papa Murphy's, Kyle made tex mex (aka seven layer) dip, and I made some chocolate chip cookies which turned out delicious (thanks to a recipe I found on pinterest, found here). 

In other news, I read The Kite Runner this week in preparation for a book club I was invited to attend (meeting tomorrow). I was excited to read it, yet also hesitant as I had heard it had some disturbing content and because I have struggled with books set in different countries/belief systems before (especially books set in China/Japan, but that's another story...) I made it through, and although it was very sad in some parts, I did like it overall. K and I watched the movie today as well. I'm excited to hear others perspectives on it tomorrow. (I'm also kind of nervous for the book club! My friend Kaci invited me [who I met though Kyle since they are in the same program] - and so I will be going with her, but meeting new people as well! It's like first day of school jitters.)
I'm also still in the middle of the Lord of the Rings. Love it.

And good news about my job! This is my last week of doing PSR! After that I will be working full time in the office, being trained in more Billing areas, and it will be great. I will be working 8-4 - I'm going to try to be really good about waking up early and getting ready as I'm not a morning person, haha. But I am excited to have a set schedule (!!!!) and be able to be home at nights. I also got my own computer at work set up on Friday (finally!) which also calls for a little celebration as I had been going to work not knowing if I was going to be able to get on a computer each day. And last exciting thing about work - Friday was pay day. My first paycheck, and a full 80 hours. Woohoo! We're going to be able to start actually saving money and paying off student loans, too! This job is a blessing for sure.

And last thing of the night.... The new Hunger Games trailer. 
Is. So. Good.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Thought

Last night I was bored while Kyle was out running and playing tennis - I wasn't feeling very good either so of course I turned to the wonders of the internet. For some reason my thoughts turned to my old blog, and wondered if I could find my very first blog. I thought I had used a separate blogger account - and although I am about 100% sure I did, it seems like it was linked to my blogger account that I had previous to this, as taht one says I have been on blogger since 2004. And so it seems that I have deleted my old blogs (why would you do that, self!??) so that was a sad thing. While on this little trip down memory lane, I found a few of my friends old blogs - including one of my dear friend Kaylie from our sophomore year of high school. I also decided to login to my myspace account - first time in about two years and got a kick out of blog posts there, although it seems like I deleted some posts from that blog as well, which made me sad. But from the blog posts I did find - I was crazy. And immature. And my young teenage self cracks me up. I also got into my old email account (although my very first email account is gone, also a sad day) and become very entertained as I read old emails from freshman/sophomore year of high school.

.... Is there a point to this post? No. But I felt like I should document what I did last night, and how funny it was. I have grown up so much - thank goodness! And so... Yes. That is all I have to say.