Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friend Fun

Yesterday I was able to catch up with a lot of friends!
Stephanie Lewis and I went out to lunch.
I went out to dinner with Emily, Shelly, Ashley and Aubrey (and their friends Mikelle and Malia) to celebrate Shelly getting married in to weeks!
I hung out with Collin, Channing, and Emily Snow - just for fun.

I love my friends.

Ever since getting our new computer, Kyle and I are loving watching movies (Netflix) in bed. Tuesday night we watched Jaws, and Thursday night we watched The Pelican Brief, complete with candy, popcorn and lemonade. It's probably one of the most fun things we've done at home since we've been married. Movie nights in bed are going to be a weekly occurance, I think.

Today, I'm going to the BYU game with Sarah and Ginger. Kyle headed up to SLC for an interview with the people who are in charge of picking this season's Jazzbot, and then he's watching the football games with Alan.
Later, we'll go to Divine Comedy with Sarah and Ginger.

Good day? I think so.

(Now to focus on homework I have to do this week....)

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