Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i'm sick of titles

Not too eventful of a day.
Kyle slept. I went to school and work. My Christmas cards came in the mail. My mom visited. We went to see Sam and got dinner at the Cougareat. We got my menu board laminated. We decided not to go to the BYU game because a) it was cold and b) Kyle didn't want to shave. We're awesome.

(on a side note: the insurance adjuster called us today when Kyle was asleep - he called her back and left a message and let her know where we live, etc. she just called back about 15 minutes ago, and said she drove around our parking lot, and couldn't find the car, and she'll be back on Friday. we were like - um, why couldn't you have just called and asked where the car was? you were right there! [she was in the wrong parking lot - we have two in our complex] how silly.)

Yesterday three things happened - we got our rental car, we renewed our apartment contract for another year, and I bought a really cute fall welcome sign to hang on our front door. So cute!

I'm beginning to get really excited for the holidays. Thanksgiving will be a nice break, yes. I love the fall time of year, with no snow. I love the crunchy leaves. Today was a beautiful day. BUT I'm also excited to start decorating for Christmas. I'm a pretty firm believer in not putting up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but I'm getting really excited for that time to be here. Especially since our first married Christmas :) We were engaged last Christmas, and it was a good one. But not being married was a little inconvenient, especially where sleeping arrangements are concerned, ha! Plus, this year we actually have our own little home. And can start incorporating and starting traditions. Love it.

one last thing -
(maybe I'll go start on the 7th book right now. I'm a fast reader, and between the next few hours, and the hours waiting in line tomorrow.... I can totally get it done.)

Ok, one really last thing - enjoy this great performance from Glee last night.

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