Tuesday, May 27, 2014

4 Years

The 6th was our 4th anniversary - I mentioned it in my last post, but I figured it deserved it's own little post, as well. 4 years seems so short and so long, all at the same time.

In the past 4 years Kyle and I have:
lived in 2 different states, and 3 apartments/homes
have visited Yellowstone 3 times
been to Lake Powell
been to Arches
spent 10 days in Florida (and went to all the theme parks in the area)
been on a 7 day cruise
been to California 4 times (5 for me) - Disneyland once, Sea World once
done sessions/initiatories/attended sealings in 10 different templs
had a baby
graduated from college and grad school
gotten a new car
had 6 different jobs between us
gone camping numerous times
attended 3 different wards
and created many more memories!

Nearly every day I am reminded what an amazing and right choice I made when I decided to marry Kyle. He is the best for me, and I am so grateful for him. He puts up with my crazy and I couldn't ask for more.
I am so grateful that we are members of the true Church, and that we will be together forever.

I love you, Kyle!
Here's to many more years to come.... and eternity after that!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life These Days

My life for the past 7 weeks has been full of diapers, spit-up, and holding a baby. And I'm not complaining. But I thought I'd give you an update of things that have been happening around here since Abe was born.

+ The first week home was amazing. It was just Kyle and I (and I've already mentioned how helpful Kyle was). We were able to spend time together, just the three of us. We love our little family so much.

+ My mom and sister were able to come out a week or so after Abe was born. They weren't going to be able to come out if he had been born around his due date (my sister would have had school) but since he was early they could come out during her spring break! It was nice to spend time together, and we went on a couple of drives and walks.

+ A week after they left, Holly and Evan came out and stayed with us. They were also so helpful, and we went on a few drives with them as well.

+ Kyle has officially started his new position and work schedule. He is really enjoying it, although it makes for some long days. He has Mondays off, works 8-8 on Tuesdays, works about 8-7 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 8-5 on Fridays.

+ Our first Sunday back to church was Easter, and we've made it every Sunday since! Back to teaching our hilarious 5 and 6 year olds.

+ Kyle got me a beautiful bouquet of roses for our anniversary, and we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then on a drive. Abe slept the whole time :)

+ For Mother's Day, Kyle and Abe got me some new knives, a hanging flower to put on our front porch, and paint for Kyle to paint the rocking chair! (He started yesterday.)

+ We've been enjoying getting into a more predictable routine and schedule around here. And we've been working on finishing up Abe's nursery. Can't wait to share it when we're finished!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Postpartum 3-6 Weeks

Well, I am officially 6 weeks postpartum.

I had my doctors appointment on Thursday, and she confirmed that everything down under (including my uterus) is back to normal and I can resume any and all activities with no restrictions. 
I also weighed in at 144. Down 3 pounds since my 2 week visit, and down 1 pound (ha) from my pre-pregnancy weight.
I am feeling so great!
My incision doesn't hurt anymore unless I do something super strenuous, which I don't, so it's fine. It's still a little numb feeling around the incision site, but I can handle that.
I have stopped bleeding, and. like I said, just feeling pretty great all around.

(Update: I forgot to add that it is so nice to be able to sleep anyway I want!)

The last 3 weeks I have just been healing, nothing super exciting to report. 
I love that I can move around normally now - no baby bump in the way and no healing incision! It is great to have my body "back" and be able to do what I want to do.

So... Next up? Starting to exercise and tone this body up!

Pictures taken at about 2 1/2 weeks postpartum - feeling pretty good about myself!

1 Month Old

(On April 26th.)

Usually sleeps in one 4 hour stretch and another 3 hour stretch at night with a feeding in between.

Usually takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.

East all the time when he's awake, it seems.

Hasn't taken to his pacifier - if he wants to suck, he wants food.

Sleeps swaddled.

Although we're not sure on the weight gain since he didn't have a doctors appointment this month, we can definitely tell he is growing!! He is not my little 6 pound baby anymore.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Cesarean Birth

While I'm not sad or embarrassed or feel bad that I had a cesarean section, a little part of me feels like I missed out. I didn't get to labor at home, I didn't get to feel amazed at what my body is capable of as I progressed from a 1, to a 3, to a 7, to a 10. I didn't get to push my babe out and watch him exit my body by my own sheer power, and I didn't get to feel the relief and pure emotion as he was placed on my chest.

Instead my lovely babe entered the world in a sterile, cold, operating room, with the help of a surgeon.
I wasn't able to hold him right away or see that slimy naked body. I didn't have the moment where I saw him and held him to my chest, freshly born.

But do I love him less? No.
Do I regret having a cesarean? No.

Having a vaginal delivery and normal labor experience could have ended badly for Abe and me. And while it was always "the plan", sometimes plans change.
And indeed, I am grateful for my c section, as it got my dear baby here safely.

I watch or see others birth photos and videos, and yes, I start to feel emotional that I didn't have a similar experience. But then I remind myself that my babe is here.

And really, isn't that all that matters in the long run?

Natural or Medicated.
Vaginal or Cesarean.
Birth is a miracle, and the tiny babe that comes after is a gift.

(and a part of me is grateful that I didn't have to experience the pains of labor and delivery, though I still want to experience that, and will try for a VBAC.  but now, that scares me, too. next time I am pregnant, preparing to give birth, I won't really know what to expect, even though I will be a second time mom. that scares me a little. and I almost feel like my recovery from my c section would be easier than a recovery from a vaginal delivery. but of course, it will all work out, more painful or not. so we'll wait and see.)