Thursday, May 31, 2012

Class of 2007

(This post is now going to be a day late, as I didn't finish it yesterday.)

5 years ago, I graduated from high school.
WHAT? It feels just like yesterday... And it also feels a lot longer.

Yes, I looked real good.

There was lots of drama, and lots of heartbreak. 
But there were plenty of good times as well. 
I loved high school.
And while I would never go back to those times, I still look back on it with (mostly) fondness, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So many memories were made.

I am proud of my high school self for putting herself out there.
For trying out/running/interviewing for Dance Company, Drill Team, schools plays, Student Council, Bruin Crew, choir, etc.
And while I didn't make it in all of those - it didn't shake my self-confidence, it built it up - it helped me learn and appreciate the 'trying out' process.

I am proud of my high school self for being relatively drama free, and for putting myself out there when it came to making friends, and dating. I pushed my shyness in a corner, put on a smile and went for it.
And I made some great friends because of that.

Even though I don't keep in regular contact with a lot of the people I would have called my good friends in high school, I am still grateful for the impact they have had on my life.
And I am grateful for the friends I have stayed in contact with.
And I am grateful for facebook for helping me keep up to date on lots of people as well :)

Also, it's funny to note that I only really think of my time at Mountain View as high school, even though I was only there junior and senior years. My time at Lehi is just kind of lumped in with junior high memories, although I had plenty of good times at Lehi High my sophomore year, too.

High school taught me a lot about myself. Perhaps not as much as college did, but still a lot. I went through a lot of firsts: first kiss, first boyfriend, first breakup, first big fight with my friends, etc.

I had great times in Dance Company (your mom called!), Bruin Crew (we're the Safety Kids, and we ride the short bus...). English classes (both Mr. Rich's and Mr. Jones' classes) were phenomenal. Mr. Fong's psychology class changed my life. I could go on and on (Mr. Cramer, Mrs. Merrill, Coach Gustin, Shannon, Ms. Peterson, etc etc etc.) Football and basketball games were always the place to be on a Friday night. Assemblies, dances, you name it, I was there. I loved being a part of the student body at my school. I had school spirit like you wouldn't believe. I got my first job, at Chuck E Cheese's, and loved it, and made some amazing friends. I was super involved with everything it seemed.
I loved it.
I can't say it enough.
And now that I've impressed upon you how great high school was - let's celebrate five years of being graduated with a bunch of pictures!

Here pictures of some of my best Dance Co friends:

 Here are pictures from graduation and the all nighter afterwards:
Me and Charity
Me and Braden

 A group of us at the all nighter.
Me at the all nighter.

Me, Sess and Elena at the all nighter.

This was at Seminary graduation - I sang in a quartet as the musical number with Katie, Brad, and Jared, and also gave a talk.

 And here are just some pictures of high school adventures:
(these pictures won't include all my friends - sorry, friends!)

Me, Collin, and Aaron. My absolute best friends. They were my life savers in high school!
Me, Ayisha and Casey. 
Me and Elena on senior sluff day.
Me and Miss.
Me, Collin, and Aaron, again
Me, Miss, and Whit
Me, Collin, and Whit
Me, Aaron, Nancy, Collin, Whit, and Katie

Me, Sessely and Brian
Me and Casey
A bunch of us on Katie's birthday after a frosting fight.

With a bunch of my Chuck E Cheese's besties.

A few more of the CEC friends.

 And finally, the song that will forever take me back to high school - Closing Time, by Semisonic.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Exciting News, along with Memorial Weekend Activities

So, if you are friends with me on facebook you have probably already seen this but... We got a car! Oh my goodness, I am so excited about it! We picked it up on Saturday, and I am in love with it. It's a 2005 Suzuki Aerio (who I nicknamed Aerie, because really, every car needs a name), a hatchback, light blue, and it's perfect. Here she is right after we picked her up:

I have never had my own car before. It's really exciting. I am in love with my car.
We are so blessed to have been able to get this car, and to be able to have two cars now. 
I am so grateful :)

Moving on to our weekend....
We left Poky around 3:30, and drove down to Layton and got dinner at Zupa's! Yum! We haven't had Zupa's since moving to Idaho so I was realllly excited about that. Then we headed to our hotel. We went swimming/hot tubbing, and then just relaxed together while watching The Source Code on TV. And I have to say - a king size bed is so nice! Maybe one day.... :)
We woke up early, got breakfast and drove down to Midvale to pick up our car. 
Then we went over to Alan and Jess's to hang out until we were going to drive up to the Air Show. We chatted with them, and played with baby Claire, who is getting so big! 
We then drove up to the Air Show, which sadly we didn't end up going to because the weather was so bad. We did get to eat at Chick-fil-A though, and hang out there with Nate and Mel and the kiddos for a while. 
Mel dropped off my new swim suit which is super cute. 
Then we drove home. 

Yesterday was a good Sunday.
I made homemade peanut butter bars and they are SO GOOD.

Also, I know I promised pictures from this weekend, but the only one I took is pretty terrifying and features K and I in our swimsuits. Not pretty. I planned to take more at the Air Show but since we didn't end up going... That didn't happen.


Today is a happy day as well.
No work! (At least not for me... Kyle has to work...)
I went running and showered, and now it's off to cleaning! 

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some Updates!

I've been reallllly lame around the blogging world lately. Sorry, blogging world.

But here are some updates on the Hanson Fam - aka, Kyle and I.

I.... have just been working. I don't remember if I have put this on the blog yet... But I recently got moved to salary. Not a change at all, but it sure sounds cool to say I have a salaried position :) The only real difference is now I can put in more hours if I feel like I need to instead of being paranoid about going over hours... But I don't get paid for those other hours, haha. But it's good. I am enjoying my job most days... There are days when I hate it, but mostly good days.

I have been trying to cut out sweet stuff and fast food from my diet. My main problem is that I have no self control when it comes to food. Example: oh, I could eat one cookie and call it good OR I could eat 4 cookies. And I always choose the four cookies, haha. I also always crave fast food (because of my regular consumption of it, I know) and I always give in to those cravings. NO MORE. So this past week, I didn't get fast food for lunch any day, and when a co-worker's wife brought in cookies I only had one. I have also run four times in the past week. Each time was probably only 10-15 minutes or so, but I still am working on building up my endurance. I even did some crunches today :) I am going to run a 5k in July, and one in September. I think that I am in good enough shape - or at least still have a good enough metabolism - that if I improve my diet and start exercising, it shouldn't take too much to lose the inches I want. (I will admit that we got Little Caesars last night, and I did not do so well with self control.... And my stomach agreed with me :( )
Anyway, that was kind of a rant, but that is what is new with me :)

As for Kyle - lots of exciting things have been going on for him! He is currently in his first class of the summer. He is only taking two, and they are each 2 weeks long - so he is halfway done with his first one. The other one is in June. He is still seeing a few clients at Seasons of Hope, and has a few clients at the clinic on campus as well. He also is starting up with the program START which is an on-campus program that helps people get their GED and become college ready. Those in the program are required to get a few hours of counseling, which is where Kyle comes in. He will see those clients at the clinic on campus as well. AND he also has secured an internship for the fall/winter, at a facility called Bright Tomorrows, where he will counsel children who have been victims of sexual abuse. He also was voted in to be the VP of Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) the counseling honors society. (I may have mentioned that already, but I don't remember...) So he is the VP from now until graduation next year. I am so proud of him for working and studying so hard!
He is also starting to do PSR (what I used to do) at Seasons of Hope next week. It will be nice to have a little extra income that we can use to save up more money and to start paying off student loans! Kyle is also training for a triathalon that is in August - so he is keeping busy with that training as well. I think he is pretty neat :) The triathalon is at Bear Lake, and I have signed up to be a volunteer. It should be exciting :) Oh and he is starting to research PhD programs more. We'll keep you updated on that, too.

So that is the new happenings around here. We are also on the hunt for a second car. Hopefully we will find one soon!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Started Earlier This Week....

It's the little things in life that really make life what it is.
And what it is, is wonderful.

Things like stopping at Costa Vida for dinner with Kyle, and just chatting even when we have finished eating. And eating way too much frozen yogurt.Things like getting a phone call from my bestie Isha to just chat for a few minutes. Things like finishing a good book. Things like catching up on some episodes of Once Upon a Time with Kyle. Showering. Snuggling. Sleeping. Praying together with Kyle each night. Planning summer activities.

And now, a few days later, let me update you on the rest of the week.
I worked a 12 hour day on Thursday, and while that is not awesome, it was still just fine, as I worked with one of my favorite co-workers, and Kyle brought us Arby's for dinner, and it went by fairly fast. And while I was working Kyle was able to get our car cleaned, outside and in. Thank you, babe.

I finished Mockingjay, and it is so good. And Kyle got an internship for next year.

And because I worked 12 hours, I got off early on Friday. And it was pay day. And I got to pick up things for our mom's (and for myself...) for Mother's Day, and send them off. And clean. And spend a lot of time with Kyle. And watch The Darkest Hour. And take a nap. And Kyle cooked a yummy dinner of chicken cordon bleu.
And today we slept in, and cuddled, and Kyle went on a bike ride, and I went running. And he's been reading. And I've been blogging. And we're going grocery shopping soon.

Our life is wonderful.

Our Anniversary Happenings

So our two anniversary was on Sunday. Where does the time go??! We didn't do too much, but we did have a great time together. Friday night, we went out to Costa Vida for dinner. Saturday, we went and saw The Avengers, and then went to dinner at Applebees. Sunday, we slept in, slept some more, ate, watched a slideshow of all of our wedding photos on our TV, and just enjoyed each other's company. We also ate corned beef for dinner. Yum.
(A quick tangent on the movie..... It was fine, and good, and entertaining.... But during the battle scene I felt like I was watching the last Transformers movie again. Lame.)
Kyle spoiled me with a pretty plant, and Mockingjay (since our first copy has disappeared...). I am going to spoil him in two weekends when we go stay at a Hilton hotel in Layton, and go to the Air Show at Hill Air Force Base :)

We didn't take any pictures... But I will be sure to take pictures when we are in Layton! :)

I am so incredibly grateful for Kyle. He is my best friend, my lover, my better half. He always knows what to say when I am sad and ornery. He spoils me. He loves me unconditionally. And he will be silly with me. He is so kind, and friendly, and funny, and easy going, and loving.... He is just the very best. I am grateful for him every day, and I am so happy and grateful that we were sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity.

I love you, Kyle! Thanks for bringing so much happiness and love into my life!

And now... Enjoy some wedding photos.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Years Ago

... this happened.

Happy Anniversary, Kyle!
I love you so much!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things I Love

*Buying new lotion and face wash

*Buying new sunglasses

*That it's Saturday, and I got to sleep in

*That we ate at Costa Vida last night, and got Kiwi Loco (frozen yogurt) after

*That we watched The Incredible Hulk last night

*That I have been working so hard this week, and am finally feeling almost caught up at work

*That today we are going out to lunch and going to see The Avengers

*That tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Memories

With our 2 year anniversary coming up, I thought I would record some of my memories from our wedding day. I wrote a blog post here when we were first married, and I've written scattered journal entries, but nothing really down to the actual details of what I remember. I figure it I wait much longer, those memories will fade even more! So, here they are.

First of all, the whole day is a blur. It all went by so fast. It was wonderful, but I regret not taking a lot of time to soak it all in. Weddings will do that to you, I guess, with all the last minute details for a day full of events.

I remember going over to Kav's salon SO early. I am so grateful she was willing to do my hair at 6 am.
I remember trying to eat Toaster Strudels that Ish brought me. I remember my mom trying to force feed me bread in the car on the way to the Temple. I had no appetite. But I had also fainted 4 days before from lack of food, so it was a sincere worry that I might faint again if I didn't eat.
I remember we ended up right behind Kyle and his dad on the way to the Temple (on West Temple, I think) and so we were able to park right next to them.
I remember that my Bishop, who was to be my witness, was a little late and I was worried.
I remember that my bridemaid's, who were watching my sister for my mom, were a little late, and I was worried.
I remember that my living ordinance name tag had my wrong middle name on it. (I think it said I was Brittanny Ruth?) And that that caused concern for the Temple workers.
I remember thinking that the Salt Lake Temple was huge, and I was going to get lost.
I remember that down in the brides dressing room, my temple dress got lost. Another bride who was to be married the same time as me had the exact same temple dress, and had somehow come across mine and had it on, and her's was missing. I thought this to be kind of funny, my mom and the temple workers were stressed. (Apparently it caused us to be a little behind on schedule...). Things worked out though, and it was fine. Kyle ended up knowing that bride's groom. And we sat across from them in the sealing room.
I remember my mom crying as we looked in the mirror in the bridesroom.
I remember whispering my name, and that the temple worker had to ask Kyle if he heard it.
I remember squeezing Kyle's hand while seated on the love seat in sealing room as our sealer talked to us.
I remember that the whole sealing was a blur to me. And almost didn't feel real. And that I had to keep reminding myself that this was really my wedding day.
I only remember one thing that our sealer said to us, and the reason it stuck out was because it was almost word for word of a line in Kyle's patriarchal blessing.
I remember touching up my make up in the actual bride's room, and it was really small.
I remember that after changing into my wedding dress, and Kyle is his tux, we had to wait our turn to go up the stairs and out of the Temple. And that the worker who waited with us was funny.
I remember that we lost Kyle's dad. He was sent to a completely separate waiting room, and no one came to get him, and so did not get to see us come out of the Temple. It wasn't until pictures were starting that we realized he was missing and someone had to go back into the Temple to find him.
I remember it was freezing, and there were a few snow flurries. And that I had forgotten to bring out my flip flops, so after I took off my shoes, I was barefoot, and my feet were frozen after taking pictures. I remember that our dad's were the two who followed us around as we were getting our pictures taken. And that my dear father-in-law took of his suit coat and gave it to me to wear between shots.
I remember thinking something like, this is me! on my wedding day! taking pictures outside of my favorite Temple that I was just sealed to Kyle in! people are watching us right now like I always watch them! the people in the Temple think we are so special!
I remember they let me in after pictures without my temple recommend because I was in a wedding dress. And that my key to my temple locker was pinned up inside my petticoats.
I remember being a little late to the luncheon, but not too late.
I remember that all our family and friends were there. And that my great FIL invited our photographer, who is also a good friend, and that almost made me cry for some reason.
I remember that my dad's toast made me cry. And that Elder Sybrowsky's was so great.
I remember that the apple pie was cold, and I was disappointed.
I remember Kyle and I driving back to Provo from the Temple together in our car and just talking, and how I thought that we had done this hundreds of times, and it didn't feel any different but it was because we had just gotten married!
I remember that we went and picked up our reception food from BYU To Go, which is right by BYU Independent Study and I wanted to go say hi to my co-workers, but I didn't. I remember that it was hard work fitting those boxes of brownies and eclairs into the car.
I remember getting to the church were our reception was to be held, and walking into the cultural hall and thinking, WOW, our decorator did an amazing job!
I remember that we were there kind of late, and I had to touch up my hair and make up and I made our photographer (and also friend) set up pictures on the tables for me, and Kyle's family took some pictures while they were waiting for me to get ready, and that was stressful, but it all turned out fine. And I remember that I didn't think at all about who would be serving up food, etc, and so thankfully my sister-in-laws took care of it! They were wonderful.
I remember sitting down for a lot of the reception because I just couldn't stand anymore.
I remember that the first little bit of our reception we didn't have that big of a line, and so right when we decided to cut the cake a whole slew of people came and we didn't have a lull for another hour.
I remember that cutting the cake was super awkward. And that I was glad the we didn't do a first dance or bouquet toss.
I remember eating a brownie after cutting the cake. I was starving.
I remember that even after changing and getting ready to leave the reception people kept swarming us and I was getting frustrated because I was SO TIRED.
I remember that our car was decorated really great. And that if felt great to leave.
I remember feeling guilty that I hadn't really assigned anyone to clean up and that I wasn't going to be there to help.
I remember wishing we had stopped for food before we got to the hotel.
I remember people honking at us (because of our car) on our drive to the hotel.
I remember that it was so tiring and there was not a lull in the day, but it was still great.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apollo turned ONE! (and the rest of our UT trip)

So the rest of our time in Utah was spent like this....

Friday: up early(ish) to drop off Charity at school. Lazed around Mom's house while she went to Chelsea's luncheon. Did laundry. Ate. Picked Charity up from school. Fed and dressed her. Visited Ginger for a minute. Drove up to SLC for Chelsea's reception. Meet some English friends of Mom's. Ate good food. Drive to Bud and Cami's and spend a few hours just chatting. Drive to Nate and Mel's. Promptly fall asleep.

I had to take a picture with my favorite Temple, of course!

Saturday: Slept in - heavenly! Hung out with family. Then I drove down to Bonnie's for Apollo's birthday party, which was a lot of fun. It was so good to see Adri and Bonnie. And the little man. Then go back to Nate and Mel's, eat family dinner, hang out with family. Drive to Steph's for Kellie's baby shower. Drive back and watching the newest Mission Impossible with family. Sleep.

Birthday Boy!

Bestie Adrianne.

Bestie Bonnie, and babe Apollo.

Besties, again! Me, Bonnie, and Adri.

Me and the soon to be momma, Kellie!

Sunday: Slept in again! Church. Fun times with family. Drive home. Sleep.

We had a great weekend, and it went by too fast, of course. I'm so glad we were able to see so many people while we were down there though. If we missed you.... We'll get you next time :)

(... Also, I need to start editing my pictures.... One day....)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

(That title is especially funny because Dani used to love that move.)

Dan-Bam is all grown up and married. (You can read more about our friendship here.)And it was a beautiful day! But that is getting ahead of myself.... We drove down on Wednesday, and I met up with Mich and Dani. (K dropped me off and then went to his brother's house.) Mimi (aka Mich, just so you are not confused), Dani and I drove to her house in Alpine to do some last minute wedding things. Then Dani and I, plus Jessi and Gabi (her sisters) drove to her and Mimi's new apartment in Provo, and met up with Bonnie around 11 pm. And the rest of the night was hilarious.... Between taking silly pictures, putting together wedding playlists, being super tired.... It was just a good time. We ended up going to bed around 2 or 2:30 am, I think. Dani and I ended up sleeping in the bed together and were able to whisper quietly and chat to each other before falling asleep, just like we had at so many sleepovers before.

Me and Jessi

Bonnie, Dani and I in the matching shirts I got us. It was really late, don't judge.

Me and Dan Bam.
The next morning we woke up bright and early at 5:30 am. Dani and I were the first ones up and showered, and just chatted before the other girlies woke up. Dani finished getting ready, and then she was off! The rest of us drove over to Jessi's apartment to finish getting ready.

Ready to go!

Packing up the car for the honeymoon!

She's getting married!

Last picture together before she is a married woman!

See you at the Temple!
Bonnie and I then went to BYU To-Go to pick up the refreshments for the reception. (And I got to run into BYU I.S. to visit all my favorite girlies!) Then Bonnie and I went for Jamba Juice.
AND THEN. Just as Bonnie and I were leaving Jamba to get on the freeway to drive to the Draper Temple for the sealing (around 9:45 am), the phone rang. It was Dani's mom. Dani had forgotten the marriage license at her apartment! So Bonnie and I drove over to the apartment and started banging on the office door. (The office was set to open at 10.) No one ever came so around 10:10 we called the emergency number. Luckily the guy was right there, and was able to open the apartment and let us get the license. Thank you, emergency phone guy!) Then Bonnie and I were off! We made it to the Temple about 11 am, which is when the actual sealing was supposed to start. So the sealing ended up being delayed about a half hour, but it was all fine in the long run. (Kyle met me at the Temple, in case you were wondering.) (I love him.)

The marriage license we saved.

Super bridesmaids driving to the Temple!
The sealing was great. I started crying as soon as Dani and Mimi entered the room. I just love them both so much. She is the very best, and he is so great, and I love them.

Then it was time for pictures.

Me and Bon again - super bridesmaids! I love her!

Pretty Temple.

K and I. I love him.

Coming out!

So cheesy.

Striking a pose.

Me and Jessi!
Temple, again.
Bridesmaids with the bride.

Me and the bestie.
Me and the hubs.
Then it was time for the luncheon, which Nicholetta, Mimi's first convert on his mission in Italy, cooked for us. Delicious lasagna! Yum.
Then it was time for nap time in Dani's basement while waiting for the reception to start. (I was suuuper tired.)

Then it was the reception, which was a lot of fun. K and I mostly just helped make sure things were clean, and water cups were full and stuff. It was fun seeing some old friends as well. I was also in charge of opening cards and collecting the money for Dani and Mich to take on their honeymoon. They left straight from the reception to the airport.

Cutting the cake.

First dance.

K and C.

Me and the baby sis.

We left the reception after them, at about 8:30 pm, and drove back to my mom's.
It was a long, wonderful day.

And now my Dani is Dani Knowles.
And I love it.