Monday, January 31, 2011


Looks like this week will be a busy one.

For me, 2 quizzes, and 2 midterms.
For Kyle, lots of working.
There is also a doctor's appointment, volunteering at an old folks home, signing up for my summer classes, Brian's reception, and the Super Bowl. 

Life is good, though.
Last Thursday I was able to hang out with Adrianne, and Bonnie, and Nikki, and Whitney.
We had a lot of fun chatting, and crafting.
(I'm making something super cool, and I'll post pictures when I finish it!)
I also spent time with Nadia and Trent.

and on Saturday afternoon/evening, I spent time with my lovely cousins on the Galbraith side.
Rachel, Kami, Marissa, Katrina, Megan, Nikki, Arlynn and I all went out to dinner.
We had a great time chatting, eating and catching up.
(I maybe liked my Cafe Rio salad - quite a lot, actually!)

Also, Kyle and I got to hang out this weekend, and cuddle, and just talk, which was nice. Life gets so busy, and it's so fun, and nice, and important to reconnect.

Love my Kyle.
He's the best.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Impromptu Date Night

My husband knows me so well.

Today, I felt awful and stayed home from school. (I was feeling really shaky and dizzy... Weird, huh?) Anyway, we watched a movie, and took a little nap, and then I asked him what he wanted for dinner. (Earlier I had told him I wasn't hungry.) He said he's just find something since I didn't want anything. I told him I was hungry, but didn't know what I wanted.

Without skipping a beat he says, "what do you want me to go get you?"

I just stared at him in amazement and then blurted out, "how do you know me so well?" 
Because, you see, I had felt like pizza, but being me, I didn't want to just say, I want pizza, go buy some.

While looking for coupons, we realized we had a 2 for $10 deal to Pizza Pie Cafe, so that's where we went.


This is us, about ten minutes ago. We're cute.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Kyle has to technically work every day this week. Bummer. 
He's working tonight, 3-11. He's working tomorrow night, from 11 pm to 7 am on Wednesday. He's working Thursday night 3-11, Friday night 3-11, and then Saturday and Sunday mornings 7am-3pm. Poor guy.  He's just getting over a cold, so I hope he doesn't relapse! 

The good news is... I can work on homework. And.... I don't have to cook fancy dinners. (Not that my cooking is anywhere near fancy anyway - it's quite the opposite.) BUT, if I may say so... I'm cooking more, and enjoying it more, and I'm going to be a dang good cook someday! Some... day....

We had a great weekend. Kyle's Friday consisted of working, and mine consisted of work, and then coming home and eating homemade Chinese food (sweet and sour chicken, yum!) and watching 500 Days of Summer and Keith while vegging out on the couch. Saturday I was able to go out for lunch with some MG's (love you, girls!) and then Kyle and I drove up to West Jordan to celebrate Whitney's 7th birthday! I forgot my camera, but we had a blast. 

I started getting a little sick with a stomach ache on Saturday night, and wasn't able to fall asleep until 5 am. Obviously, Church was a no-go for me. We did get to go to my mom's for dinner though, which was fun. And I took a much needed nap. I'm feeling better today, don't worry! 
But you want to know one of the only foods that sounds good to me when I'm sick? Cinnamon sugar toast. Really. I love it.

Nikki just added a class... and it's with me! I was so excited to see her today when I walked in.

What else do I have to report? Not much. I can't believe it's the last week of January! Time sure does fly by! Oh! I know - we booked the vacation we're going on after this semester! We've been planning this little vacation since we were married - and now the plane tickets are officially bought! We'll be headed to the state of my birth (FLORIDA) on April 27th, and we'll come back on May 6th (yes, our year anniversary)! 
We'll be going to HP LAND, Disneyworld, my home town, Busch Gardens, a Tampa Rays game, etc.
AND we're visiting my dad!
Can't. Freaking. Wait.
Happy one year anniversary and happy graduation to me!
Now  to get through 3 more months.

and finally, to leave you with a picture:

This is NOT an announcement. Just hilarious. Our poor future kiddos.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


What I did:
Went to class.
Read my scriptures.
Cleaned my kitchen up real nice, which included washing every dirty dish and running the dishwasher!
Made a yummy dinner of sweet and sour chicken with rice.
Went to Tyler's birthday party where I chatted with Garyn, Jill, Sam, Tyler, Ginger, and Alishia.

What I didn't do:
Clean any other part of our house.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good day.
(Minus the fact that Kyle had to work.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day Date

Saturday was the first Saturday in forever that Kyle didn't have to work!! So we made a day out of it :) We slept in together (a rarity in our house!) And then we went and saw Tron: Legacy in 3D. I enjoyed it, Kyle not so much. But we went to Wynnsong (the forgotten theater of the Provo/Orem area) - and it was only us and one other couple in the whole theater! And that other couple left like half way through the movie (why would you do that?). [edit: I would recommend seeing Tron in the dollar theater, because it does have some sweet effects. And the main character is good-looking. And it has an awesome soundtrack. Also, the reason Kyle didn't like it so much is because it was too weird for him. Like the whole being in a computer/The Grid. Also, I personally think it's because there wasn't enough guns and fighting for him. Ha.]
We also went out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe - yum!  I love that place. Their honey oat bran muffins are to die for! It was so fun to spend a whole day together, that hardly happens between both of our busy schedules.

Saturday was also Nancy's birthday, so we went over to her house to party! We had a great time with friends, eating, chatting, and playing games.

In other news....

-Kyle's sick, poor guy. He's pretty miserable.
-It's so nice to have a three day weekend!
-On Friday night I hung out with Sarah and Ginger, and we went and saw Life As We Know It at the dollar theater. Predictable, but surprisingly so cute! I loved it!
-I'm more or less caught up on homework. This is good news.
-Last night Kyle and I watched Anastasia in bed. It was awesome. I had forgotten how much I love that movie.

Friday, January 14, 2011


It's always been one of my favorite words.

In our search to obtain relief from the stresses of life, may we earnestly seek ways to simplify our lives.
- Elder L. Tom Perry

Thursday, January 13, 2011

things on my mind

I loved this quote, shared by Becky today.
"The highest and holiest relationship God gives us in mortality [is] the love that a man   and a woman have for each other and the desire that couple has to bring children into a family intended to be forever. Someone said once that true love must include the idea of permanence. True love endures.... True love we are absolutely giddy about --as I am about [my wife] Sister Holland; we shout it from the housetops."
Becky is amazing. I've only met her a few times, personally, but she's best friends with a few of my good friends, and I think she's the greatest. Read her blog. Do it.

Also, Lissa is the cutest girl ever, and I love her blog. (And no, I've never met her...) But she was offering free photo shoots (thanks, Bon, for telling me!) and so I booked a session with her to take pictures of my babe and I. I'm so excited. The shoot isn't until February, but I'm excited.

I want to cut my hair again, into an A line. I'm going to refrain however, because I love the feel of my long hair draping over my coat collar. Weird? Probably. But that's how I roll. I am in need of a trim though. I'll be proactive and make an appointment soon.

Erm, what else? Life is good. Great. I need to work on my positivity and service. And I'll blog about my resolutions soon, I promise. And one day, I'll have an interesting and funny blog. Maybe. I'm not the best writer. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Few Thoughts

Today we were able to attend Kyle's best friend Bud's sealing in the Draper Temple. We love him and Cami, and we were so glad we were able to go! They both looked great :) As always, I teared up a little bit. I love sealings.

Today I took a 1/2 hours nap with Kyle before he left for work. After he left I tried to go back to sleep for two hours. Bad idea. I have the worst headache.

My poor Kyle worked the graveyard last night, came home, slept one hour, and then we left for the wedding. We came home, and he slept 1/2 hour before going back to work. He'll be home around 10. Poor guy.

He bought my flowers last Friday. He's the very best, and they are so gorgeous (pink/orange tinted roses).

Last night we threw a rocking party. Thanks for coming Tyler and Alishia, Jay, Dani, Garyn and Jill, Sarah, and Ginger! We love you guys. We ate pizza, chatted, made soft serve ice cream, and watched the BCS National Championship, of course.

Cougars are rocking it right now! Beat Utah!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Start of 2011

We've had a good first week, getting back in the swing of things. As I stated in my non-formatted post - I'm taking 5 classes for 13 credits. Language Development, Adult Development and Aging, my capstone course (Advanced Issues in HD), and two religion classes (Joseph Smith and the Restoration, and the first half of the New Testament - basically just the Gospels). I'm loving my capstone course already. It's taught by my favorite professor (Dr. Larry Nelson) and I'm looking forward to learning a lot. My other classes should be a good time, too. I'm still working at Independent Study, three 6-hour shifts a week. Kyle's still working at the RTC.

I've discovered a new food allergy of mine - peanut butter. When I made those peanut butter cookies a while back, I got a tightness in my chest after eating them and felt like I couldn't breathe very well. I suspected it then, and have kind of shied away from peanut butter. Over the break, I ate a peanut butter and chocolate granola bar  (it looked so good!) and got the same feeling. So, I'm going to assume I'm allergic, and stay away from it. Sad day, as I love peanut butter :(

Last night I went and saw Country Strong with Sarah and Ginger (and Tyler). I loved the music. All the actors did a wonderful job. But the storyline? I liked it, for the most part - although at some parts I was wondering where the heck the story was going. And I didn't expect the ending at all. But still, overall, pretty good.
This week I've also hung out with Ayisha and Janae, and Jay came over for dinner. So it's been a very fun, friend filled week :)

Maybe I'll post about our New Years Resolutions... Or maybe not.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Vacation!

Kyle and I had a great time in Vegas and Bakersfield.

We left on Thursday, the 30th. We drove down to Vegas, and walked around the Strip, and ate at a buffet before going to our hotel in Henderson.

On the 31st, we woke up and drove the rest of the way to Blaine and Brooke's house in Bakersfield. We got their early in the afternoon, and spent the rest of the day just chatting and being together.

New Year's Day - we got up at 4 am, and left at 4:30 am, and drove down to Pasadena where we watched the Rose Bowl Parade! It was a really neat experience, but also a very cold experience. We ate lunch at In N Out and drove back where we watched football and relaxed.

Sunday, the 2nd, we went to church, and then later that night celebrated Allie's third birthday! Most of the Watson (Brooke's side) clan came over, and we had a great party.

Monday, we got up early to drive all the way back to Utah. BUT, it had snowed, and so the road we needed to take was closed. So we waited around a few hours until it opened up again. We made it home around 10:30 that night.

We had such a great time! Thanks, Blaine and Brooke!

Recap of 2010

(I deleted half of the post by accident... So let's see if I can remember.. This post will be shorter than it was originally, I'm sure. And also sorry for the lack of pictures in the first half of the year....)

We went to the Auto Show, and started classes. We probably worked on wedding plans as well.

My good friend Kellie got married :)! We celebrated Valentine's Day and went to a Young Ambassador's performance. Some more wedding plans....

I went to the Festival of Colors with Nat and Em. Kyle turned the big 2-4. I got my bridal pictures taken. My best friend Leanna got married! More wedding planning!

Kyle graduate from BYU with a bachelor degree in Psychology. I was blessed to go through the Temple for the first time, and I was surrounded by family. That same week, Kyle's grandfather passed away. The funeral was the same day as my first Temple session, and it was a very special experience to contemplate the reason we have Temples.

Kyle's graduation!

My first time going to a Temple session!

Kyle and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple on May sixth. It was a beautiful day, and the best day of our lives! We were able to on a cruise down to Mexico for our honeymoon, and we had a wonderful time!



I started summer term classes. We went to an Owlz game with Garyn and Jill. Two of my good friends got married - Stephanie and Nikki. We celebrated our one year anniversary of dating.

We went to the Stadium of Fire and saw Carrie Underwood! Kyle got a job!

We went on an awesome vacation to Yellowstone National Park! We also stayed a night in the Grand Tetons. I turned 21 on that trip. I also started my last year of school!

We went down to Scofield for Labor Day, and we saw Brad Paisley in concert. I got my driver's license at the ripe old age of 21! We went to a BYU football game, and we celebrated our one year anniversary of getting engaged! Our niece Avery was born!

Kyle, Ellie and I at Scofield.

Me and Avery.

I made bread for the first time, and we bought our new desktop computer, and we went to a BYU game. Avery was blessed, and we spent Halloween with Nate and Mel's family.

Kyle and I with Avery on her blessing day.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom, and Nadia and Ginger. We went to the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER. Kyle got in a car accident with a semi.

Harry Potter!

Me, Gin and Sarah!

We went to my dear friend Whitney (Bleyl) Lummus's sealing in the Manti Temple. We celebrated Christmas with both our families. We went to Temple Square with my mom and Charity and that same night I went to the Motab and David Archuleta concert. I took finals, and we went to lots of Christmas parties. We spent New Years in Bakersfield, CA!

On Temple Square.

Christmas morning!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Updates are coming!
But probably not until the end of this week.

In the meantime, here's a picture from our trip.
You know how much I love the Eiffel Tower!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!

(For some reason blogger won't save my formatting... So you'll just have to read a huge paragraph smashed together until I can figure out how to fix it, sorry!)Kyle and I have had a wonderful time here in Bakersfield, CA.  Our niece Allie turns 3 tomorrow, and we just wrapped up her birthday party about an hour ago. All the Watson cousins came and left, and now Allie's in bed, and the house is clean, and quiet. We're not looking forward to the nine hours drive back to reality tomorrow. But, I am still excited for a new semester to start. My last winter semester ever. Hallelujah!I'm so excited to graduate. And I'm excited to have a schedule. Although I love the times when time just stops, and days don't seem to matter... I love calendars, and planners, and to-do lists. It makes me feel a little more in control. (Not sure if that's a bad or a good thing... But it's the way I am.) Speaking of to-do lists, today in Relief Society in Blaine and Brooke's ward our lesson was on Elder Uchdorf's talk Of Things That Matter Most. We were reminded that although to-do lists are good, we should not base our worth on the list of our to-do lists, and keep in mind the basics (prayer, scriptures study, family relationships) when things get crazy. It was a good reminder to me.  I'm taking 5 classes this semester, only 13 credits. I'm taking Language Deveopment, Adult Development and Aging, and my capstone class - Advanced Issues in Human Development, plus two religion classes - Joseph Smith and the Restoration, and The Gospels. Should be a good one.  When we get back home I'll post pictures and more details of our little New Years vacation to Las Vegas and Bakersfield. And I'll finish up the recap of 2010 post that I started before we left.  But just know this, we loved 2010, and cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!We wish you all a very happy 2011! PS - we had a little bit of a Christmas card fiasco this year, so for those of you who were probably expecting one, I'm sorry. We'll make up for it in a year! :)