Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

K and I have had a great Christmas! We drove down on Thursday afternoon, and will be leaving to go back home tomorrow. We were lucky this year - well, should I say blessed and spoiled. Kyle and I used the money we were given wisely and were able to get a ton of things! 

We... Visited Temple Square, stayed at Nate and Mel's, went to Sherlock Holmes with Jess and Alan, did some Christmas shopping, spent time with kiddos and Mom and Dad, watched It's a Wonderful Life, read Luke 2 with the family, opened presents with the kiddos on Christmas morning, went to Nate and Mel's church, had Christmas lunch, opened presents with Mom and Chari, had Christmas dinner, went to the Bishop (Kyle's mom's family) family party, spent a day in Price visiting the Hanson side of the family, spent the night in Scofield at Uncle Dennis's cabin (where Kyle was able to go shooting), spent more time with Charity and mom, and altogether just had a great time.
We loved celebrating Christmas was our families, and are glad that we could spend more time down here than we originally planned. We also really enjoyed that Christmas was on a Sunday so that we were able to go to Church on Christmas Day and enjoy a lovely program full of Christmas songs.

And now... Enjoy a modge podge of pictures from our Christmas week.
K and I at Temple Square
Beautiful Temple!
The Nativity Scene
Nate and Mel's Christmas tree, Christmas morning - little Avery observing all the presents Santa left.
After presents were open - what a haul!
K and I in all our Christmas morning glory.
K and I on Christmas holding baby Claire.
Merry  Christmas from me and Kyle!
Chari's face when opening her dinosaurs from K and I
Christmas haul - both things given to us, and things we bought with money given to us.  Calendar, mp3 players, leg warmers, socks, ramekins, church CD's, Butterbeer cup, chapstick, lip gloss, oil vial, hot cocoa/smores kit, lotion, HP 7.1 and 7.2, different books, ornament, water bottle, shirts and tie for Kyle. (Not pictured - Kyle's Wii, Just Dance 3, scrapbook stuff, and a big cosmetic/travel tote.)
Just our candy. YUM.

 Thanks to everyone who helped us make our holiday great!!

Hanson Family Christmas Card, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

K and I have been having a great Christmas! A full update will be coming sometime, but I wanted to make sure to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I meant to scan in our Christmas card before we left for the holiday but forgot! So that will be coming later as well.

I'm so grateful for the birth of Christ, and all that he does for me and blesses me with. 'Truly He taught us to love one another. His law is love and His Gospel is peace.'

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Fav

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pre-Christmas Adventure Weekend

K and I weren't really planning on coming down to Utah until next weekend, especially since we went down so many times in November. But when BYU sent us an email that said they were selling tickets to the Baylor game for $2 each we decided to buy some and take another weekend trip down to good old P town. 
We were able to leave fairly early on Friday, and drove straight to Alan and Jess's to have dinner and meet our sweet new niece, Claire! We also watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - a Hanson family tradition - or at least a Hanson boy tradition :) 
Saturday was spent hanging out at Nate and Mel's with them and the kiddos, and then driving down to the game.  We had a great group! Me, K, Ayisha, Sarah, Alan, Nate, Bud and Cami. I wish I would have gotten a picture of all of us, but just know we all had a great time. After the game I got a haircut, we hung out at Sarah's, and then went to Casey's Christmas party where we were able to see Missy, Isha, Jake, Nancy and Scott, and Jason and Katie - and of course Casey, our great host. 
We stayed at Nate and Mel's again last night, and drove home with morning and got back in time for church - where we had a Christmas party in YW. Love my calling :)

And now, what you've all been waiting for - the pictures from our weekend.

Me with adorable Baby Claire

Proud Uncle Kyle

BYU vs Baylor game
Crazy awesome half-time show - jump ropers!
Me and Sarah! Love her! Plus it was her birthday.
Me and Isha
 We had a great time - and are excited to drive back down on Thursday for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Isha

God sure knew what he was doing when he gave this girl to me as a best friend.
Love you always, BFF.

Year Recap/Christmas Card Letter That We Didn't Send/A Modge Podge of Pictures

So. Here I am with some free time while Kyle is cleaning the church/playing basketball. So I figured I would do the recap of our year since I'm not sure when else I'll have time before the year actually ends. I mean, I'm sure I could make time, but... I have some now. So.

Quick news: Kyle passed his pre-prac class which means he could officially do practicum this next semester. And he also found out that he can do it on campus in the Counseling Center which just happens to be located on the same floor as his department/all his class, and they will just schedule clients between classes. Shweet deal, huh? This means that he does not have to spend hours finding a place that will take him and figure out hours with them and it also means that we do not need a second car. At least yet. Good news all around!

Onto the year recap, starting with... (I may or may not have had to look back at past blogs to figure out what happened. And I did not include every little thing that happened... As much as I wanted to. So just know that even more fun friend-filled days happened. A lot.)

*Spent a night in Vegas - my first time.

*Spent New Years in Bakersfield with Blaine, Brooke, Allie, and Evan and Holly. Celebrated New Years Day by getting up insanely early to drive to the Rose Bowl Parade. Freezing, and early, but worth it.

*Cousin's night out
*Bud and Cami's wedding
*Nancy's birthday party

*Had a lovely free photo shoot by Lissa Chandler. 

*Had a Hawaiian luau at IS to say goodbye to our supervisor, Stephanie. (Also had a great party at her house.)

*Valentine's Day date
*Michelle Peralta got jimmered
*Jerry Sloan retired

*Threw a baby shower for Bonnie with Adrianne

*K turned 25

*Went to the Festival of Colors with Isha (may have also been late March?)

*Went to the Buy Back America Launch of the Constitution of the Restoration with Casey and Ish (aka trying to become politically involved

*Baby Apollo was born (Mom=BFF Bonnie)

*Went on an awesome 10 day trip to FLORIDA to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and visit my Dad. Sites visited include: my birthplace, my first apartment, the beach, a Tampa Bay Rays game, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios (ie: HARRY POTTER), Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. 

*Baby sister turned 8 

*MG night (aka talking and gabbing and eating while snuggling on Apollo)

*Nadia's wonderful wedding

*Summerfest with Ish, Sarah and Ginger

*Kid History premiere with Ish, Collin, and Channing

*We got new phones and became part of the Android crowd

*Charity's baptism

*Stadium of Fire the same day as the baptism with Mom and Chari

*Harry Potter 7.2 came out. Greatest and saddest day ever. Midnight showing happened, of course.

*Arches trip - just K and I

*Camp Rock with Ish and Casey

*Kyle ran a MARATHON (and a half marathon a few weeks before)

*Me and Isha threw Janae a baby shower

*Baby Kynzlie was born, (Mom= BFF Janae)

*Party for Ayisha's birthday!

*Baby nephews Luke and Logan were born
*Lake Powell trip with our singles ward

*I graduated from BYU!

*My last day at IS

*We moved from Provo to Pocatello
*Kyle started graduate school and I got a new job

*Labor Day trip to Bakersfield for Luke and Logan's blessings

*Isha visited and we visited Utah

*Carved a pumpkin

*Trip to Utah
*Kynzlie's blessing

*Tyler and Alishia's wedding

*Collin and Alicia's wedding

*Date with Dani and Mich

*Thanksgiving spent at my momma's

*I got a new job and quit my current one

*Trip to Utah (this weekend)
*CHRISTMAS! (next weekend, of course)

(Remember how freakin' long it takes to blog something like this? I started at 8, and it is now 9:20. So sorry if the last few months are a little sparse in the picture department...) Also, I'm too lazy to reformat anything that may need it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe...

Man, I need a snack.