Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life is good :)

The countdown is slowly getting smaller!
We're at 2 months and a little under a week.
67 days!

Wedding plans are coming along smoothly.
And I have mapped out every weekend until our wedding with things we need to have accomplished, haha.
The main things we have left are picking out flowers, sending out invites, and finalizing cake plans. But then there is also picking out tuxes, picking out ties, picking out bridesmaids dresses, buying frames, getting photos developed, taking bridals, signing a contract to an apartment, ordering food, buying plates,napkins,cups,etc, getting our marriage license.... There is just so much to do.
But, in the end, it will be worth it :)
And it is also super manageable.

Oh, by the way, we heard back from University of Memphis. Kyle didn't get accepted, but we weren't too upset. Kyle said he would probably pick the Master's program at Tulsa over the PhD at Memphis anyway.

We've found where we want to live during the summer, but we still need to sign a contract and give them a deposit.

Alan and Jess got engaged last week, and they're getting married June 10th! So that is really fun, that the two youngest Hanson boys are getting married within a month of each other.

I think that's about it with us. We're both keeping plenty busy with school and work, and spending time together :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good News!!

So, on Tuesday, Kyle got his first acceptance letter to a graduate school! Ok, well, technically it was an email informing him that his acceptance letter is on it's way. The school is the Univeristy of Tulsa. Kyle applied for the PhD program, and while they didn't accept him into that, they did accept him into their Masters program. It feels great knowing that although this is isn't exactly what he was looking for, at least we now know we have one option! Not to say he won't make it into the other schools he applied to...
Just as a reminder, the three other schools we're waiting on are Univeristy of Houston, University of Missouri-St Louis, and University of Memphis. We'll keep you posted!
Wedding plans are also coming along nicely... We're both just so sick of being engaged though. We can't wait till we are finally married! 2 months, 3 weeks and 2 days!
I've found an apartment for the summer that I think I want to live in... We'll have to go by and talk with the owners and look at it, but we both think that it is a pretty good deal. It's $500/month, with a washer/dryer, two bedrooms, free internet and cable, and it's on 6th North and 6th East. The complex is generally for single women, but they rent out to marrieds in the spring and summer, which is perfect for us. So, we'll see!