Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some Ramblings

I just lugged our laundry down to the laundry room - and what did I find? All the washers were full. Boo. While I am thankful for access to a washer and a dryer... I WANT ONE IN MY OWN HOUSE. That is my one requirement for where ever we move next year. Washer and dryer, in my house. Luckily, Kyle technically already owns a washer and a dryer, part of his "inheritance" from his Grandma and Grandpa. So, all we need is to find a place with hook-ups and we'll be set. Can't wait.

I forgot, I don't think I've mention this on my blog yet... And while we're still not 100% sure this is what's going to happen (still trying to make it work...) we think it will be the best for us.
I'm delaying graduation until August. (I know, that's not such a big deal.)
Because, we have decided that it will be more beneficial for us if I can keep my great job for the summer months before we move to whoknowswhere, and in the summer, you're allowed to work fulltime at an on-campus job. Plus I'll still have my student insurance.
So, to recap:
Graduate in April - have no insurance, try to find a job that I may or may not get fulltime at slash one that I will only be at until August.
Graduate in August - work up to 40 hrs/wk the whole summer and have insurance.

Still trying to figure out exactly how to "work the system" - but basically, since I haven't technically applied for April graduation (did I ever blog about how my college withdrew my application?) and the deadline for that is in like, 2 days... I just won't. And hope I don't get some sort of angry Dean at my door or something.

So, all that being said - August 11 and 12 could not come any sooner.

We're still planning on going on a vacation to Florida during the summer though! We've been saving since we got married. Visiting with my dad, seeing the place I was born, going to HARRY POTTER LAND, going to the beach, maybe visiting one or two other theme parks, perhaps going to a Braves game in Atlanta.... All of this sounds quite fantastic to me. (Especially since it's about 36 degrees outside right now.)

Ok, enough rambling, I need to get on and do homework, and watch the BYU game, and clean my kitchen, and work on my to do list, and write in my journal, and make lunch, and.... You get the idea.

I'm ready for Kyle to get home (at 3:30) because then we get to go run some errands, make dinner, watch the Jazz game, watch Robin Hood (thank you, Netflix), and just spend time together. And tomorrow we're going to N & M's for dinner. Love our family.

PS - my dear friend Emily Snow and I went to Zupas yesterday. I could eat their Tomato Basil soup and Turkey Cranberry panini every day for the rest of my life.

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Molly said...

First of all, I hear ya on the laundry bit. Second of all, I am so jealous of you going to Harry Potter Land! Third of all, I heart Zupas. And fourth of all, have a good Saturday. :)