About B

Here are some things about me:
I'm short (5'2"), 
born in Florida, 
grew up all over Utah County, call Orem, Utah home, 
love to read and will read anything I can get my hands are (find my favorite books here),
graduated with a BS in Family Life and Human Development from BYU in 2011,
took French for 8 years, and love all things French,
love all things Harry Potter,
and Hunger Games, and Nolan Batman trilogy, and Inception,
favorite color is green,
had some poems published,
can lick my elbow,
Dr. Pepper free since March 2013!,
very nearly blind without contacts or glasses,
love writing lists,
love food - chocolate, french fries, cereal, toast, hamburgers, and ice cream,
love the smells of summer: rain, barbecues, chlorine, gasoline, freshly cut grass, etc.,
could browse in bookstores and libraries all day - or Target,
love lyrical and modern dance,
not athletically inclined at all,
love music, too many favorite bands to even try to name one,
love clothes, love shopping.