Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Adventures

Not my most favorite holiday.
Actually it's my least favorite holiday.
Something about being scared; and creepy things make me feel icky.

So, I wasn't really looking forward to it.
But it was a great weekend.

Friday: Kyle didn't have to work! So we were able to go to our ward Halloween party together. We rode up with Aaron and Erica Arnson, who happen to live above us, and we are so glad we got to know them better. We have similar stories, and are fairly similar when it comes to personalities. Yay for married friends we like! Anyway, so the party was up at Sundance, in a cabin. We mostly just chatted, and ate, and watched the NBA games on ESPN, and had a costume contest. (Kyle and I did not dress up - but when asked, we said we were Muggles.)

Saturday: Kyle went to work early, and caught a ride with his co-worker so I could have the car. That morning was his cousin Ashley's baby shower, and so I drove up to Lehi for that. It was so fun being with the girls in the family. Ashley is due December 27th, with a baby boy they're going to name Mason. So cute! After that was over, I drove around and then picked up Kyle from work. We headed up to Nathan and Melanie's to get some quality family time in - especially since Kyle's mom and dad were in town! Liam, Whitney and Avery looked so cute in their costumes! (Buzz Lightyear, Minnie Mouse, and a pumpkin, respectively). But sadly, I didn't get any pictures - I forgot my camera! So, we visited, and ate, and handed out candy to the neighbor kids.

Sunday: We drove back up to N and M's for Avery's baby blessing. Oh, she looked darling! Then, of course, we spent the day with family again, eating and talking. We love our family time. (And my mom and sister were there too, so it was extra fun for everyone to be together.) And last but not least... Here are some pictures!

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