Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last night Kyle and I went to the Owlz opening game with our friends Garyn and Jill. The weather wasn't too hot, and we had a good time sitting out on the grass, chatting and watching the game.
After the game, there were fireworks! I never really liked fireworks growing up because of the loud noise they make. And while I'm still not a fan of the noise, I do love them!
Kyle and I are going to the Stadium of Fire next weekend, and we'll get to see more! Not to mention the very lovely Carrie Underwood is performing.
Now that it's hot, and we can go out and do fun things like that, it feels more like summer (although I am still in school.... lame.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Classes, Hair Cut, Life

Someday when my computer decides to cooperate and not give me an error when I try to upload pictures, I promise I"ll upload bridals and wedding pictures :)

But, in other news, I got my hair cut!

I ended up going a little shorter than I anticipated, but I like it. Plus, my hair grows pretty fast, so it's all good.

Here's a picture. Sorry it's sort of blurry.

Also, Friday night, Kyle and I went down to the Manti Pageant. It was our ward's June activity, so we all camped out at the Temple Hill Resort (aka RV and Campground). We had a lot of fun getting to know some of our ward members better.

The pageant was great of course. So cheesy, and I love it.

Sadly, we forgot the camera/I didn't want to carry it... So, no pictures. I know, boo. I always regret when I decided I don't want to take my camera places. We also were able to do a session in the Manti Temple the next morning, also with some couples in our ward. It was such a neat experience. Manti is one of two temples that does a live session, and it was my first time going through one. I loved it. I just love the temple, and the peace it brings. Kyle and I both have a lot of family history that involves the Manti Temple, so it was extra special for us. Again, no pictures... Sorry.

Now that it's the next day... I forgot what else I was going to write about.

On Sunday, Sarah came over for dinner, and we watched the Count of Monte Cristo! Which of course is an amazing movie. I also received a calling in my ward! I'm now the Relief Society Assistant Secretary. I'm not sure why we have an assistant secretary, but it's all good. I really love being involved in the Relief Society, and the rest of the presidency is so nice, and I'm very excited.

Classes started on Monday. I'm taking Cognitive Development and MComm 320 (Business Writing). Cognitive Development is going to be interesting. My teacher doesn't use PowerPoint (and let's be honest, I'm a big fan of PowerPoint lectures) so it's hard to keep up with him. Each exam is all essay, and he hands out the essay options, and then basically just goes through them for each chapter, which is nice, but still .... just a little different than I'm used to. He does have a lax grading scale though. I think it will be a good class. MComm is different. I think I am definitely going to like it, but let me just say that Management/Business classes are completely different than I am used to. Totally a different world. It will be a lot of work, but all really useful. Plus, she brings food. Yesterday it was fresh strawberries, juice boxes, and Costco muffins. Yum!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have had such a jumble of thoughts in my head lately.

First of all, yesterday was my darling sister's birthday.
I usually hesitate to posting pictures of her (creepers and stuff) but she truly is a large part of my life, and has taught me so much.

She turned a whole SEVEN YEARS OLD.
Wow, I can't believe it.
We went miniture golfing with her and mom on Tuesday, and had a lot of fun. She didn't want to leave! And, let me just tell you that listening is not her strong point :)
Tonight we're going to the Strawberry Days Rodeo, which should be a lot of fun.
I'm specifically excited for strawberries and cream, yum!!

I've also been a bit unsocial lately, and I apologize (I know, I know, I'm a newly wed, but it's not just that). Anyway. I don't know what my point is here... so never mind.

I am excited for my bff Sarah to come back to Utah tomorrow.
If you didn't know, I met Sarah through the MG's, and we hit it off. Then not only was one of her best friends in Kyle's ward, but she lived so close to Kyle, and we started hanging out more, and now we're practically sisters. For real. If I hadn't gotten married this year, I would totally be rooming with Sarah. She's been such a good friend to me, and I've missed her. Thank heavens for gchat! And, we both have a 2 1/2 hour break this summer term (at the same time), so we're definitely excited to be spending more time in the Wilk. (Ginger, you should still join us sometimes.)

(sadly, this is the only picture of just the two of us that I have. we'll have to work on that...)

There is construction going on outside my work, and you can feel the vibrations inside, and it bugs. Also, today someone was working on electrical stuff in the ceiling right above our department, which meant we had a big ol' ladder stuck in the middle of our desks today. Awesome.

Today also happens to mark the one year anniversary of Kyle and I dating. Woohoo! And now we've been married for six weeks today! It's crazy how fast things can change. But I am so grateful for Kyle in my life, and know that choosing to date him is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Choosing to marry him topping it, of course. I love you, babe!

This weekend should be a good one. Tomorrow night, Kyle and I are going down to the Manti Pageant with our ward, and then staying over in Manti. We're hoping to do a session in the Manti Temple on Saturday morning too. I'm so excited! Hopefully we're not too gross from camping the night before :) Kyle and I went to the Manti Pageant last year with our ward, just after we started dating. Oh, good times.

And two last minute thoughts... Summer classes start on Monday. And I'm excited.

Also, I've been trying to post wedding and bridal pictures on this blog, but it hasn't been working. Soon!! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Time Temple Trip

These are just a couple of pictures from when I received my endowments. I went through the Draper Temple, and it was beautiful! My mom, Holly and Evan (Kyle's parents), and Kyle's three brothers, Nathan, Blaine and Alan, and Nathan's wife Melanie, were able to go through with us, and it was great experience :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I got bangs.
but I'm not satisfied with my hair.
I had her trim it, but I am sick of it.
So, I made another hair apppointment to get it cut more.
I'm going to cut it this length.
Looking through my pictures, I decided that this is my favorite length of hair, at least, how it looks. I guess we'll see how I feel about actually having it again, ha. But I am really excited about it :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Oh, I love life.

I've been really tired this week, between a wedding, and family gettogethers, and just working fulltime, it's been a long week.

We went and helped Alan move on Saturday, as well as ran some errands.
We stayed over at Nathan and Melanie's that night, and went to church there on Sunday. Sunday evening was full of dinner, and fun, and family time.
I worked, and Kyle cleaned up our aparment, and we hung up our pictures!
Our home is almost completely put together.
We cooked dinner for Evan and Holly on Tuesday night, which was followed by going to the creamery to get some delicious ice cream.
Wednesday after work we went up to Nathan and Melanie's and stayed the night.
Yesterday was Alan and Jess's wedding.
It was very beautiful, although very tiring.
I was glad mine is over.
Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, so that's a bit boring on my part.

Tonight, Kyle and I are planning on simply relaxing.
Tomorrow we're going down to Price with Kyle's brothers and their families (minus Alan and Jess of course) and his parents to visit the family down there. Oh, I just love Kyle's family. I love spending time with them.

I also need to get on posting wedding pictures, as well as a few other pictures, such as one from when I went and received my endowment. So those will be coming shortly.

And, at the risk of sounding cheesy (and of being a type of person that the mormon child bride mocks) (I love that blog) ....
I love my husband.
He is amazing, and everything to me, and can always bring a smile to my face.

Not to mention he's good lookin'.

"You are the best one, of the best ones."
--Dashboard Confessional

(also, I just realized that the picture I chose is the same one as our header, sorry! I must like it.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Kyle married a weird one, and he knows it.
So, I thought I'd share some of my quirks with you. (Some will be super weird, and others will just be more like random facts about me.)

1. I don't like Cafe Rio. I know so many people love it, and crave it all the time, but I don't. I'll eat it once a year, and that's plenty for me.

2. I don't like the Toy Story movies. Strange, maybe? Everyone seems to like it, but I don't. Oh well.

3. I'm terrified of tornadoes and deep water.

4. I'm very much a homebody. I love staying at my house, and am perfectly content to be curled up with a book, or with Kyle, or watching a movie.

5. I don't like pepperoni, especially on pizza. I like my pizza plain, plain, plain. I LOVE cheese pizza. And I can deal with Hawaiian, or olives. Although I do love Garlic Chicken Pizza, yum!

6. Going along with #5, I like anything as plain as can be. I'm kind of a boring/picky eater sometimes.

7. I love red sauce (ask spaghetti sauce). I could eat it every day.

Ermmm, I'm sure there are my strange things about me, so if I think of any, I'll let you know.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 Day Weekend... and then some.

I sure love three day weekends. Getting an extra day to sleep in is wonderful.As is spending extra time with Kyle.

On Saturday we both kind of did our own things. Kyle went up to Midvale to watch Iron Man 2 with Alan.
I went up to Salt Lake for my friend Stephanie's bridal shower.
We both had a lot of fun.
Sunday was my good friend Collin's homecoming.
So, we got up and went to that.
Then we stopped by Collin's house for some food and talking time.
The rest of the day we were just lazy; napping, reading, eating, being together.

On Monday, Kyle went to the driving range with Garyn, and then we went and picked up some KFC and went on a drive up the canyon.
It was beautiful.
We drove up to the Squaw Peak lookout, which neither of us had done before. It was an amazing view. You could see the entire Utah valley, and then some.

Wednesday, I got my hair cut by wonderful Emily.
And... I got bangs!
I'd been debating for a while whether I wanted to get them cut or not. And I hadn't before the wedding, just so I knew exactly what my hair would look like.
And so I got them cut.
I'll probably cut my hair short again next week, but for now I'm enjoying my long hair, and getting used to bangs.

We also went out and bought a lovesac yesterday. Well, technically it's a MonsterSak. We got it from a little furniture store called Furnish It. I found it by googling lovesacs, since we were trying to find a good deal. And boy did we. They manufacture them themselves, so we only paid $140 for a 5 foot one.

My name is now officially changed on my social security card, and at my bank.
Only a few more places to go until I'm officially Brittanny Hanson everywhere, to everyone! :)