Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a Little Update

So, Kyle has worked 56 hours this week.
That's a whole lot of hours. The poor guy is so tired.
But he likes his job, and now he has a job, so there's not too much to complain about.

This week has been busy for me with school things.
As will next week.
Next week is the last full week of the term, so it's crunch time.
My classes are still going well, and are a lot of fun! Well... MComm is a lot of fun, Cognitive Development just has interesting subject matter.

Last night, Ginger and Sarah picked me up from work, we went to Costa Vida for dinner. Yes, I know I don't like Costa Vida/Cafe Rio, but we had coupons for a burrito for $4.99, so I went and got one, ate a couple of bites, and brought the rest home for Kyle since he really likes them. We also got hooked up with free dessert. All in all it was a very successful adventure.

Afterwards, I came home and finished cleaning up our apartment for an MG night!
There were just a few of us.... Leanna, Sarah, Adrianne and myself.
Sarah left, then Leanna, and then Adrianne and I had a really good, long talk about all sorts of things! I just love her. And all of them.
Leanna is moving to St George next week, and I'll miss her a lot!

... well, that's just a quick update on our lives.
But, exciting news! We're planning on going to Yellowstone in August! We've still got to figure out details and all sorts of things like that... But it would be so fun to go! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My BFF Dani

(This is Dani)

So, everyone who reads my blog, who knows that Sunday was Dani's farewell, must think that I'm a terrible person since I didn't even mention it in my last post. The real reason is that I was going to do a whole entire post on just Dani and I, and so I didn't mention it. I'm just now getting around to it... I love my Dani!

(Kyle, Dani and I at her farewell on Sunday)

Danielle Elena Israelsen was born on August 23, 1989.
Ok, this isn't really going to be a biography on her.

We met the first day of 5th grade. Dani had just transferred, and so was new. Since our last names are relatively close in the alphabet (G and I) we sat next to each. Also sitting by us was my BFF since 3rd grade, Lexi.
However it happened, we became friends.
And then best friends. I spent hours, days, weekends over at Dani's.
Her family became my second family (and they still are).
I have so many memories at their old house... Swim parties, playing N64, playing house, playing store, playing with their pet bunny, watching movies, sleeping in the guest bed, jumping on the tramp, etc, etc.
6th grade ended, and Dani and her family moved up to Alpine. I started junior high in Orem. Then, my mom got remarried and we moved up to Lehi. We had many sleepovers, as any BFF's in junior high and high school would do. Most of the time, they were at Dani's house. I met most of her friends up there, and they became my friends as well.

(Dani and I at a basketball game our senior year of high school)

We were there for each other at stake dances, for first boyfriends, breakups, first kisses.
Then, we both came to BYU.
And we decided to be roommates, which we were, our sophomore year.
(My dear Kyle was our hometeacher....)

(Dani and I on my birthday the year we were roommates)

(Dani and I the night before she left to Uganda in 2009)

(Dani as one of my bridesmaids, along with Ayisha and Emily)

And now, my dear BFF Dani is heading out on her mission to JAMAICA.
She enters the MTC on August 5th.

Dani is the very best person that there could ever be. She's kind and caring and thoughtful. She has a huge heart. Her testimony of the Gospel is amazing. She's forgiving. She's crazy and fun. She's the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She is going to be an amazing missionary, and I am so excited for her! I'll miss her!

I love her so so so much! She has been the very best friend for going on 12 years now!

I love you, Daniella!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Times

I needed to take a break from putting together my team report.
So, here I am blogging.

Latest happens include a sleepover with my little sister last weekend, partying with Ginger and Sarah this weekend, two midterms taken, Dani's farewell, and... other stuff.

This weekend was fantastic. First of all, it was a holiday so I got Friday off from work. On Thursday night, Kyle and I went and saw INCEPTION.
Oh my goodness, that movie was amazing. When I first saw the trailer a while ago I thought that it could either be awfully done, or it could be amazing. Once it came out, everyone I talked to said it was on the amazing side. I had to see it. And am I glad I did!
I want to see it like 18290843200 more times. There are probably so many more things to discover in that movie.
I definitely recommend it.

Wellll, Kyle had to work Friday and Saturday nights from 3 pm to 11 pm.
(He's working that shift tonight too.)
On Friday afternoon, I went out to lunch with my BFF Emily, and her sister Ashley. Much catching up occurred. I love them.
On Friday night, I hung out with Sarah and Ginger. Our dear friend Tyler Russell (who was once roommates with my Kyle) also came over, as well as one of S and G's friends - also named Tyler.
What did we do? Oh, just watched the Pokemon 2000 movie. On VHS. I know you're jealous right now. And then we broke out the Pokemon N64 game, and then Tony Hawk ProSkater, and then Mario Kart. Some fellow named Kevin in the ward, Sarah's friend Caroline, and then Kyle came over and joined us.
Definitely an awesome night full of fun, friends, laughter, and old school video games.
Plus, Kyle and I went home and made chocolate chip pancakes. Yum.

Saturday, after doing some laundry and grocery shopping, I went over to Ginger's. We helped Sarah dress for her date. (which may or may not have involved Ginger and I hiding in the bathroom when her date came to pick her up...) Then we watched New Moon. We alternated between laughing, making snide remarks at all the characters, and swooning over the brown boys. Sarah came over after her date and we chatted before I went home.
I also finished Work and the Glory 7. I was sobbing by the end. (spoiler - Benjamin died!) (and yes, I've read these before, but I forgot how/when he died, so it was a big shock). Kyle came home to a sobbing wife.

Today I got to go give a talk in my own ward today. Yippee. The topic was communication. I think it went pretty well.

And now.... Back to the typing of a paper...

Friday, July 23, 2010

July 22, 2009

One year ago today, Kyle and I first exchanged the three words, "I love you."

We were sitting on the couch in my apartment late that night. We had just finished watching "The Wedding Planner." We had been talking a little, and kissing a little, and then Kyle said, "I love you, Britt."
To which I replied, "Me too."
(I don't remember what I said, but that's what Kyle says, so I believe him. It's just like me to say something like that. After all, when he asked me to marry him I said, "Yes! Wait... what?")
Anyway, then I'm sure I said something to the effect of "I love you too."

I didn't sleep that night. And not only because I was so excited that he loved me.
You see, my AC broke that night. So I couldn't sleep because it was so dang hot. I blogged. I sat outside. And finally at about 7 or 8 am, I texted Kyle, telling him to wake up so I could come over and get cool, and maybe catch up on my sleep. I went over, we watched the parade, made breakfast, cuddled, and I napped.

What a great day.

This picture isn't from that day, but it's from last summer sometime.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm sitting here

wondering what I should do.
Lots of random thoughts floating around in my head.

Kyle's at work.
Yes! I love that he has a job.
I do love my "alone" time, too.
(although I love being with him more)
I just got back from seeing Letters to Juliet with Ayisha.
It was super cute, better than I thought it would be.
And of course, it was so fun to catch up with her.
We played the lets-reminisce-about-high-school game.
Always sort of freaks me out.
(Almost all of our guys friends are home or are coming home within the next month)

I should putting away the dishes from the dishwasher.
Or finishing putting away laundry.
Maybe in a minute.

I love my husband.
A whole lot.

Good News!

Kyle got a job!
It's at what is called the Timpview Residential Treatment Center.
Obviously, it's a Treatment Center, and it's for boy's, and it's in Lindon.
Happy day!
Kyle and I are awfully excited :)

He had the interview on Thursday morning, and they called first thing yesterday morning to let us know he had the job! He spent a couple of hours filling out paperwork and reading over somethings, and now he is at his first shift!

Just thought I'd share our exciting news.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have

*a terrible (read - huge) obsession with Harry Potter
*another midterm tomorrow
*an adorable little sister who is spending the night with Kyle and I on Friday
*an amazing husband who's softball team is doing awesome
*thoughts that sometimes turn towards my years in high school,
and misses it
*a craving for a Frosty
*no desire to work
*laundry to do
*best friends in Sarah and Ginger
*a list for groceries
*lots of random things on my mind
*a good ward
*a growing testimony

Sunday, July 11, 2010


of two really cool people who are in love.

Ermmm, I had all these cool things to blog about, and then I forget.

Life has been pretty chill this week.
We celebrated having a day off on Monday by going to see Toy Story 3, and then having some friends over for a little barbecue. Thanks to Tyler, Sam, Ginger and Sarah for coming over! :)
Toy Story was cute. As I've stated before, I'm not a huge fan of the movies, but it was cute, and I shed a tear. Not sure if I'll ever see it again though.

We've been watching the World Cup of course, as well as random movies on TV. (Last night was 3:10 to Yuma and Knocked Up). We've also watched XMen 1 and 2 since I hadn't seen them before.

Also! We went out and bought tennis rackets, and have become active! We've played twice! Well, the first time I just made Kyle hit the ball back and forth with me - I've never been particularly good at tennis, and it's been about 3 years since I've attempted to play. Then on Saturday morning we went and played doubles with Jill and Garyn. I'm pretty awful, Garyn's mediocre and Kyle and Jill are both pretty good so we're more or less evenly matched. It is fun though, a sport I actually enjoy playing. Kyle's never seen me so active, ha.

Next week will probably be pretty crazy. I have two midterms, ah! But I am enjoying my classes, particularly MComm 320 - so fun! It's also ward temple night on Thursday, which I'm excited for... I love the Temple.

Here's the story

of the melted tablecloth.

Our tablecloth is plastic. Not like cheap plastic, but it's plastic nonetheless.
So, the other night I was making a pazookie. (for those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically a half baked large cookie that you put vanilla ice cream on and eat. it's delicious.)
So I was really excited to eat it.
And I took it out of the oven, and was trying to put it down on the hot pad that I was holding it with. (You know, trying to shimmy it back so it's completely on the hot pad, but not too fast or it will burn you?)
And I didn't even think about how our table cloth is made of plastic.
So it touched it, and immediately melted and part of it stuck to the dish.

And I laughed, and then felt stupid, and then cried a little bit.
And Kyle, bless his heart, laughed a little and then immediately stopped as he saw how distressed it was making me. (really, why, Britt?? why do you cry over a melted tablecloth??)

Good times in our little apartment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yesterday, I

melted our tablecloth.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stadium of Fire!

Oh, it was so fun!

But to start off... On Friday we had a date night!
We went to the Pizza Factory and got their Chicken Alfredo pizza, yum!
Saturday, we watched the Paraguay game with Alan, went grocery shopping and then had a mini indoor BBQ with Alan and Jess. I love good summer food.

Then, it was off to the Stadium of Fire!

The jet flyover is always awesome, it was a Court of Honor for around 260 Eagle Scouts, Jenny Oaks Baker is amazing on the violin, the Osmonds Second Generation always makes me smile, the dancers were great, the chorus was great, and the 5 Browns are so intense!
But, of course, we were all waiting for Carrie Underwood and the fireworks!

Oh, Carrie.
She is seriously so amazing!
And such a sweetheart (you know... from what I can tell).
And the fireworks were awesome.

And now, as promised, I made sure to take pictures! So here they are

(Jenny Oaks Baker)

(Osmonds 2nd Generation)

(Carrie Underwood)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July, part one

(and I say part one because this is the post in which I'll tell you all about the fun things we are planning on doing, and then in part two I'll tell you about all the things we ended up doing.)


Life is going well. Small update on us: Kyle is still working on finding a job. So frustrating, since no one has even called to schedule an interview. Do they really want employees? Or is it all a joke?
Me, I'm just going to school and working. I've already had a midterm, and I have a group presentation on Tuesday, so that has been keeping me busy. My new calling has me doing a few things too... But as long as I'm busy, I don't remember that I'm tired!

Some highlights of this week:
*Kyle won his softball game
*My best friend Dani went through the Temple last night! She leaves for her mission in Jamaica on August 4th. I sure am going to miss her.
*Steph and Bradley go married on Wednesday. Oh she looked so beautiful, and of course it was wonderful to see all my girls together.

This weekend (as stated in the title) is the Fourth of July!
Tomorrow night we are going with Alan and Jess to the Stadium of Fire!
Like I've said before, Carrie Underwood is performing, and we are both very excited to see her!
Tomorrow we'll also watching the Paraguay World Cup game, and maybe going to see a movie.
Sunday, we'll go to church, and then go to my mom's for a little BBQ.
Monday... Who knows? Maybe we'll go to the parade, maybe not.

Last year, for the Fourth, Kyle and I camped out for the parade with Mallory and Matt. It was so fun, apart from the fact that it poured in the middle of the night! We also watched a movie, went to our ward's BBQ, and watched the fireworks. It also happens to have been the night of our first kiss... Awwww.
A lot can happen in a year :)

That's all for now. I promise I'll be good at taking pictures this weekend!