Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update Time

Guys. Isn't my Kyle the best? Ohh, I love him. Thanks for all of your kind words and birthday wishes! My birthday was great! I got to go home early from work and take a nap, which was fantastic. Our evening was full of fun with our good  friends at the ward corn dinner (our ward does it each August and has for a million years, and it's delicious). We have some really good friends in our ward, we lucked out for sure!

Kyle spoiled me with the new David Archuleta CD (yes, I love him) and The Hunger Games DVD. He also planned a weekend getaway for us up to Sun Valley. I am so excited! We will probably go the end of September! Oh, and I also got a skirt (which I picked out last month and gave to Kyle to give to me for my birthday... I'm not the only one who does this, right?!). It's super cute.

We also went to out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday night to celebrate. Yum!

So, the last few weeks have been busy.
Last Saturday Kyle ran the Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon (Olympic distance). He did awesome, and I am so proud of him! (A woman is supposed to email me pictures of Kyle, so when/if I get them I will post them.) I volunteered at the Triathlon and handed out water. It was freezing and then got really hot, and I didn't even get the volunteer t-shirt I was promised. (They ran out, bummer). And so no pictures were taken of our little adventure. Also, while at Bear Lake we tried a delicious hamburger joint, that made delectable raspberry shakes. I want to eat there every day. We also tried Bear Lake Pizza, but we weren't fans.

On top of that, Kyle started school on Monday. With 5 classes, lab, two internship sites, and 9 hours of work (plus any EQ duties) he is going to be a busy man! We probably won't see each other very much, but that's ok. It will be worth it! It's crazy to think he is starting his second and last year of his masters program! We've lived in Pocatello over a year now, it's so weird to think about.

Me on the other hand? Well, I have work. I really hope to get back into a routine this semester of cleaning, cooking, reading my scriptures, etc. And also exercising. And speaking of that... I am running a 5K on Saturday! As in, in two days. And I have only been running like... Twice this month. Oops. As long as I finish, I will feel accomplished :)

After my 5K we will be headed down to Utah for some family fun for Labor Day! We're looking forward to it!

PS: I promise our vacation post is coming soon....
PPS: I just started watching Downton Abbey last night with my good friend Kasi. I am hooked. I am also hooked on the chocolate ice cream cone dipped in cherry topping that we got last night from Tastee Treat as well, but I digress.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today Is Britt's Bday!

So today is Britt's bday and to help her celebrate you should write a comment with one reason why you love Britt!

I'll go first!!! I love Britt because she is compassionate! She loves everyone and really wants to be their friend. I mean I like people and all (I did choose to go into counseling), but Britt LOVES people. So if you ever need a friend, I highly recommend Britt. I love you babe!

PS Sorry this is not longer but now I'm off to do research stuff......

Monday, August 20, 2012


I am currently running a program to see if it will recover my lost files from my SD card... Wish it luck! But while I'm waiting for that, I thought I'd blog. Yet again the week got away from me. We have just been so busy! After a long day of work K and I just collapse on the couch and have no energy. (Well, mostly me...) My mom and Charity came to visit this weekend though, which was a lot of fun! We went to Jensen's Grove in Blackfoot (a reservoir with a beach!), ate some good food, and just enjoyed time together. The highlight of the week was playing Wii Fit together though. Holy cow, so hilarious!

And... Success! I was able to get some of my pictures back. Well, the program recovered all of them, but some of them are corrupted beyond worth saving... But still, some is better than none. And I will just save the rest of them from facebook.

In a bit I will post about our vacation, finally! And other things too...

But for now this post is ending because I have been sitting at the computer way too much today.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I was all set to type up blogs about our trip.... But my memory card all of a sudden says it has no files to show. However, when you go into the properties it shows that almost all the memory is used up.


Hanson Family Vacay, SoCal Style - P1

Oh, our vacation. It was so great, as I have stated before. 

We left Friday afternoon, then drove down to Mesquite. 
Saturday morning we got in the car (not with out getting some McD's breakfast first, yum!) and drove the rest of the way to Oceanside. 
Even though the second leg of the trip was shorter than the first, I tell you what, that drive on Saturday seemed SOOOO long. 

But oh well.
We all arrived within an hour or so of each other, and the fun started!

Now, because of the large amount of pictures I have - I'm going to sort our vacay into a couple different posts.

So stay tuned! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

And... We're Back!

I just wanted to write a quick post to say that we are home from our fantastic, wonderful, memorable week-long vacation in Southern California. It was amazing. We loved it all. (Apart from maybe all the hours in the car....) I can't wait to post all about it. But until then, I will leave you with a picture of the view from our room in the beach house. 

Like I said....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just a Quick Post to Say...

* that we had a super social day on Saturday. I went to IF for my bestie Adrianne's baby shower. (Thanks, Jed, for having family in IF so Adrianne got to come visit and have a baby shower for Juliet there!) Then Garyn and Jill stopped in Poky on their way home (to Oregon!) from Island Park and had dinner with us at the park. And then we went to an EQ activity, that turned into K and I, and three other couples in our ward playing croquet in one of the couples' backyard. It was awesome.

Me and Adri (and baby Juliet)

* that work was really calm Monday and Tuesday, but today all heck broke lose and I am stressed to the max again.

* that I get annoyed at my employees and I have to put on my mean manager face.

* that my old roommate and great friend Nadia is pregnant! I am SO excited for her and Trent!!

* that slowly but surely preparations for our vacation are getting done, and coming together.

* that I have been a basketcase this week. Even ask Kyle. (I have been a basketcase because I am a planner and have been stressing about leaving work for a week, and also getting everything together and done that is needed before leaving, and not forgetting anything.)

* that we leave for California on FRIDAY, which is the day after tomorrow!!! I am so excited to see my wonderful parents-in-law, my awesome brothers- and sisters-in-law, and the cutest and best nieces and nephews around on SATURDAY!