Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Day

The day was perfect, and beautiful.
The night before, Ayisha and I had gone and ran some last minute errands, got our eyebrows waxed by Em, ate pizza and chatted.
Ish slept over with me at my apartment.
I woke up bright and early, around 5:30 am.
I showered, shaved, got dressed, and then Ish and I went over to Kavita's salon to get my hair done.
It looked perfect.

Mom and Charity came and picked me up there.
We drove up to SLC, and ended up driving into the parking lot right behind Kyle and his dad.

Talk about lucky.

We went into the Temple.
It was beautiful.
We got dressed, and were able to spend a few minutes together in the Celestial Room.
Then we met our sealer, whose name was Dene Olsen, and walked into the Sealing Room.
It was beautiful, to be surrounded by close friends and family.
And then we were sealed, for time and all eternity.


After, we changed, and headed outside for pictures.
It was freezing! but still a beautiful day.
After pictures, we went to the Gable Room in the Lion House for our luncheon.
The food was delicious.
The toasts were lovely.
After, we hopped in the car, picked up our food, and went to the reception.
Our decorator did an amazing job.
We took pictures.
We stood in line.
We saw loved ones.
We were married, and happy.

Here are some pictures from the day... Enjoy!


Nikki said...

Britt... seriously girl you're glowing. Love you. Can't wait to see you and hear more about your day!

sarah joelle said...

:( <---that is my sad face because i couldn't come to your reception and see you on your day. buuut, when i come back to utah, you have to tell me all about it! :)

Lindsay Anne said...

I love the description. I was so sad I couldn't be there. I was in freakin' California. Like I almost cried when I realized it was on the same weekend.

I heard you looked beautiful. And that you were glowing...