Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Memories

With our 2 year anniversary coming up, I thought I would record some of my memories from our wedding day. I wrote a blog post here when we were first married, and I've written scattered journal entries, but nothing really down to the actual details of what I remember. I figure it I wait much longer, those memories will fade even more! So, here they are.

First of all, the whole day is a blur. It all went by so fast. It was wonderful, but I regret not taking a lot of time to soak it all in. Weddings will do that to you, I guess, with all the last minute details for a day full of events.

I remember going over to Kav's salon SO early. I am so grateful she was willing to do my hair at 6 am.
I remember trying to eat Toaster Strudels that Ish brought me. I remember my mom trying to force feed me bread in the car on the way to the Temple. I had no appetite. But I had also fainted 4 days before from lack of food, so it was a sincere worry that I might faint again if I didn't eat.
I remember we ended up right behind Kyle and his dad on the way to the Temple (on West Temple, I think) and so we were able to park right next to them.
I remember that my Bishop, who was to be my witness, was a little late and I was worried.
I remember that my bridemaid's, who were watching my sister for my mom, were a little late, and I was worried.
I remember that my living ordinance name tag had my wrong middle name on it. (I think it said I was Brittanny Ruth?) And that that caused concern for the Temple workers.
I remember thinking that the Salt Lake Temple was huge, and I was going to get lost.
I remember that down in the brides dressing room, my temple dress got lost. Another bride who was to be married the same time as me had the exact same temple dress, and had somehow come across mine and had it on, and her's was missing. I thought this to be kind of funny, my mom and the temple workers were stressed. (Apparently it caused us to be a little behind on schedule...). Things worked out though, and it was fine. Kyle ended up knowing that bride's groom. And we sat across from them in the sealing room.
I remember my mom crying as we looked in the mirror in the bridesroom.
I remember whispering my name, and that the temple worker had to ask Kyle if he heard it.
I remember squeezing Kyle's hand while seated on the love seat in sealing room as our sealer talked to us.
I remember that the whole sealing was a blur to me. And almost didn't feel real. And that I had to keep reminding myself that this was really my wedding day.
I only remember one thing that our sealer said to us, and the reason it stuck out was because it was almost word for word of a line in Kyle's patriarchal blessing.
I remember touching up my make up in the actual bride's room, and it was really small.
I remember that after changing into my wedding dress, and Kyle is his tux, we had to wait our turn to go up the stairs and out of the Temple. And that the worker who waited with us was funny.
I remember that we lost Kyle's dad. He was sent to a completely separate waiting room, and no one came to get him, and so did not get to see us come out of the Temple. It wasn't until pictures were starting that we realized he was missing and someone had to go back into the Temple to find him.
I remember it was freezing, and there were a few snow flurries. And that I had forgotten to bring out my flip flops, so after I took off my shoes, I was barefoot, and my feet were frozen after taking pictures. I remember that our dad's were the two who followed us around as we were getting our pictures taken. And that my dear father-in-law took of his suit coat and gave it to me to wear between shots.
I remember thinking something like, this is me! on my wedding day! taking pictures outside of my favorite Temple that I was just sealed to Kyle in! people are watching us right now like I always watch them! the people in the Temple think we are so special!
I remember they let me in after pictures without my temple recommend because I was in a wedding dress. And that my key to my temple locker was pinned up inside my petticoats.
I remember being a little late to the luncheon, but not too late.
I remember that all our family and friends were there. And that my great FIL invited our photographer, who is also a good friend, and that almost made me cry for some reason.
I remember that my dad's toast made me cry. And that Elder Sybrowsky's was so great.
I remember that the apple pie was cold, and I was disappointed.
I remember Kyle and I driving back to Provo from the Temple together in our car and just talking, and how I thought that we had done this hundreds of times, and it didn't feel any different but it was because we had just gotten married!
I remember that we went and picked up our reception food from BYU To Go, which is right by BYU Independent Study and I wanted to go say hi to my co-workers, but I didn't. I remember that it was hard work fitting those boxes of brownies and eclairs into the car.
I remember getting to the church were our reception was to be held, and walking into the cultural hall and thinking, WOW, our decorator did an amazing job!
I remember that we were there kind of late, and I had to touch up my hair and make up and I made our photographer (and also friend) set up pictures on the tables for me, and Kyle's family took some pictures while they were waiting for me to get ready, and that was stressful, but it all turned out fine. And I remember that I didn't think at all about who would be serving up food, etc, and so thankfully my sister-in-laws took care of it! They were wonderful.
I remember sitting down for a lot of the reception because I just couldn't stand anymore.
I remember that the first little bit of our reception we didn't have that big of a line, and so right when we decided to cut the cake a whole slew of people came and we didn't have a lull for another hour.
I remember that cutting the cake was super awkward. And that I was glad the we didn't do a first dance or bouquet toss.
I remember eating a brownie after cutting the cake. I was starving.
I remember that even after changing and getting ready to leave the reception people kept swarming us and I was getting frustrated because I was SO TIRED.
I remember that our car was decorated really great. And that if felt great to leave.
I remember feeling guilty that I hadn't really assigned anyone to clean up and that I wasn't going to be there to help.
I remember wishing we had stopped for food before we got to the hotel.
I remember people honking at us (because of our car) on our drive to the hotel.
I remember that it was so tiring and there was not a lull in the day, but it was still great.


Heidi Greaves said...

What fun memories. Happy Anniversary!

sarahjoelle said...

this is one of the cutest blog posts i have ever read.