Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

(That title is especially funny because Dani used to love that move.)

Dan-Bam is all grown up and married. (You can read more about our friendship here.)And it was a beautiful day! But that is getting ahead of myself.... We drove down on Wednesday, and I met up with Mich and Dani. (K dropped me off and then went to his brother's house.) Mimi (aka Mich, just so you are not confused), Dani and I drove to her house in Alpine to do some last minute wedding things. Then Dani and I, plus Jessi and Gabi (her sisters) drove to her and Mimi's new apartment in Provo, and met up with Bonnie around 11 pm. And the rest of the night was hilarious.... Between taking silly pictures, putting together wedding playlists, being super tired.... It was just a good time. We ended up going to bed around 2 or 2:30 am, I think. Dani and I ended up sleeping in the bed together and were able to whisper quietly and chat to each other before falling asleep, just like we had at so many sleepovers before.

Me and Jessi

Bonnie, Dani and I in the matching shirts I got us. It was really late, don't judge.

Me and Dan Bam.
The next morning we woke up bright and early at 5:30 am. Dani and I were the first ones up and showered, and just chatted before the other girlies woke up. Dani finished getting ready, and then she was off! The rest of us drove over to Jessi's apartment to finish getting ready.

Ready to go!

Packing up the car for the honeymoon!

She's getting married!

Last picture together before she is a married woman!

See you at the Temple!
Bonnie and I then went to BYU To-Go to pick up the refreshments for the reception. (And I got to run into BYU I.S. to visit all my favorite girlies!) Then Bonnie and I went for Jamba Juice.
AND THEN. Just as Bonnie and I were leaving Jamba to get on the freeway to drive to the Draper Temple for the sealing (around 9:45 am), the phone rang. It was Dani's mom. Dani had forgotten the marriage license at her apartment! So Bonnie and I drove over to the apartment and started banging on the office door. (The office was set to open at 10.) No one ever came so around 10:10 we called the emergency number. Luckily the guy was right there, and was able to open the apartment and let us get the license. Thank you, emergency phone guy!) Then Bonnie and I were off! We made it to the Temple about 11 am, which is when the actual sealing was supposed to start. So the sealing ended up being delayed about a half hour, but it was all fine in the long run. (Kyle met me at the Temple, in case you were wondering.) (I love him.)

The marriage license we saved.

Super bridesmaids driving to the Temple!
The sealing was great. I started crying as soon as Dani and Mimi entered the room. I just love them both so much. She is the very best, and he is so great, and I love them.

Then it was time for pictures.

Me and Bon again - super bridesmaids! I love her!

Pretty Temple.

K and I. I love him.

Coming out!

So cheesy.

Striking a pose.

Me and Jessi!
Temple, again.
Bridesmaids with the bride.

Me and the bestie.
Me and the hubs.
Then it was time for the luncheon, which Nicholetta, Mimi's first convert on his mission in Italy, cooked for us. Delicious lasagna! Yum.
Then it was time for nap time in Dani's basement while waiting for the reception to start. (I was suuuper tired.)

Then it was the reception, which was a lot of fun. K and I mostly just helped make sure things were clean, and water cups were full and stuff. It was fun seeing some old friends as well. I was also in charge of opening cards and collecting the money for Dani and Mich to take on their honeymoon. They left straight from the reception to the airport.

Cutting the cake.

First dance.

K and C.

Me and the baby sis.

We left the reception after them, at about 8:30 pm, and drove back to my mom's.
It was a long, wonderful day.

And now my Dani is Dani Knowles.
And I love it.

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Kates said...

Go B, way to save the day! :D

My roommate Rachell and her hubby left the wedding license in UT when their wedding was in Montana...they had to overnight it. So scary! Glad you guys were able to bring Dani's up!