Saturday, May 12, 2012

Started Earlier This Week....

It's the little things in life that really make life what it is.
And what it is, is wonderful.

Things like stopping at Costa Vida for dinner with Kyle, and just chatting even when we have finished eating. And eating way too much frozen yogurt.Things like getting a phone call from my bestie Isha to just chat for a few minutes. Things like finishing a good book. Things like catching up on some episodes of Once Upon a Time with Kyle. Showering. Snuggling. Sleeping. Praying together with Kyle each night. Planning summer activities.

And now, a few days later, let me update you on the rest of the week.
I worked a 12 hour day on Thursday, and while that is not awesome, it was still just fine, as I worked with one of my favorite co-workers, and Kyle brought us Arby's for dinner, and it went by fairly fast. And while I was working Kyle was able to get our car cleaned, outside and in. Thank you, babe.

I finished Mockingjay, and it is so good. And Kyle got an internship for next year.

And because I worked 12 hours, I got off early on Friday. And it was pay day. And I got to pick up things for our mom's (and for myself...) for Mother's Day, and send them off. And clean. And spend a lot of time with Kyle. And watch The Darkest Hour. And take a nap. And Kyle cooked a yummy dinner of chicken cordon bleu.
And today we slept in, and cuddled, and Kyle went on a bike ride, and I went running. And he's been reading. And I've been blogging. And we're going grocery shopping soon.

Our life is wonderful.

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