Thursday, May 31, 2012

Class of 2007

(This post is now going to be a day late, as I didn't finish it yesterday.)

5 years ago, I graduated from high school.
WHAT? It feels just like yesterday... And it also feels a lot longer.

Yes, I looked real good.

There was lots of drama, and lots of heartbreak. 
But there were plenty of good times as well. 
I loved high school.
And while I would never go back to those times, I still look back on it with (mostly) fondness, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So many memories were made.

I am proud of my high school self for putting herself out there.
For trying out/running/interviewing for Dance Company, Drill Team, schools plays, Student Council, Bruin Crew, choir, etc.
And while I didn't make it in all of those - it didn't shake my self-confidence, it built it up - it helped me learn and appreciate the 'trying out' process.

I am proud of my high school self for being relatively drama free, and for putting myself out there when it came to making friends, and dating. I pushed my shyness in a corner, put on a smile and went for it.
And I made some great friends because of that.

Even though I don't keep in regular contact with a lot of the people I would have called my good friends in high school, I am still grateful for the impact they have had on my life.
And I am grateful for the friends I have stayed in contact with.
And I am grateful for facebook for helping me keep up to date on lots of people as well :)

Also, it's funny to note that I only really think of my time at Mountain View as high school, even though I was only there junior and senior years. My time at Lehi is just kind of lumped in with junior high memories, although I had plenty of good times at Lehi High my sophomore year, too.

High school taught me a lot about myself. Perhaps not as much as college did, but still a lot. I went through a lot of firsts: first kiss, first boyfriend, first breakup, first big fight with my friends, etc.

I had great times in Dance Company (your mom called!), Bruin Crew (we're the Safety Kids, and we ride the short bus...). English classes (both Mr. Rich's and Mr. Jones' classes) were phenomenal. Mr. Fong's psychology class changed my life. I could go on and on (Mr. Cramer, Mrs. Merrill, Coach Gustin, Shannon, Ms. Peterson, etc etc etc.) Football and basketball games were always the place to be on a Friday night. Assemblies, dances, you name it, I was there. I loved being a part of the student body at my school. I had school spirit like you wouldn't believe. I got my first job, at Chuck E Cheese's, and loved it, and made some amazing friends. I was super involved with everything it seemed.
I loved it.
I can't say it enough.
And now that I've impressed upon you how great high school was - let's celebrate five years of being graduated with a bunch of pictures!

Here pictures of some of my best Dance Co friends:

 Here are pictures from graduation and the all nighter afterwards:
Me and Charity
Me and Braden

 A group of us at the all nighter.
Me at the all nighter.

Me, Sess and Elena at the all nighter.

This was at Seminary graduation - I sang in a quartet as the musical number with Katie, Brad, and Jared, and also gave a talk.

 And here are just some pictures of high school adventures:
(these pictures won't include all my friends - sorry, friends!)

Me, Collin, and Aaron. My absolute best friends. They were my life savers in high school!
Me, Ayisha and Casey. 
Me and Elena on senior sluff day.
Me and Miss.
Me, Collin, and Aaron, again
Me, Miss, and Whit
Me, Collin, and Whit
Me, Aaron, Nancy, Collin, Whit, and Katie

Me, Sessely and Brian
Me and Casey
A bunch of us on Katie's birthday after a frosting fight.

With a bunch of my Chuck E Cheese's besties.

A few more of the CEC friends.

 And finally, the song that will forever take me back to high school - Closing Time, by Semisonic.


Kates said...

ahem. pretty sure I've never seen that last picture before...but it's from my wedding...full of people I love...who took it?? I want the file :) And any others from that night...

Kates said...

I think it was Lex's picture...she took down all her albums except for her wedding ones, but I think it was hers.