Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apollo turned ONE! (and the rest of our UT trip)

So the rest of our time in Utah was spent like this....

Friday: up early(ish) to drop off Charity at school. Lazed around Mom's house while she went to Chelsea's luncheon. Did laundry. Ate. Picked Charity up from school. Fed and dressed her. Visited Ginger for a minute. Drove up to SLC for Chelsea's reception. Meet some English friends of Mom's. Ate good food. Drive to Bud and Cami's and spend a few hours just chatting. Drive to Nate and Mel's. Promptly fall asleep.

I had to take a picture with my favorite Temple, of course!

Saturday: Slept in - heavenly! Hung out with family. Then I drove down to Bonnie's for Apollo's birthday party, which was a lot of fun. It was so good to see Adri and Bonnie. And the little man. Then go back to Nate and Mel's, eat family dinner, hang out with family. Drive to Steph's for Kellie's baby shower. Drive back and watching the newest Mission Impossible with family. Sleep.

Birthday Boy!

Bestie Adrianne.

Bestie Bonnie, and babe Apollo.

Besties, again! Me, Bonnie, and Adri.

Me and the soon to be momma, Kellie!

Sunday: Slept in again! Church. Fun times with family. Drive home. Sleep.

We had a great weekend, and it went by too fast, of course. I'm so glad we were able to see so many people while we were down there though. If we missed you.... We'll get you next time :)

(... Also, I need to start editing my pictures.... One day....)

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