Monday, September 20, 2010


Aside from doing homework, we had a pretty great weekend!

Friday night, we had over some friends for a little party. We ordered pizza, and Tyler, Sam, Ginger and Sarah came over. We ate, chatted, and then watched John Tucker Must Die. Oh, I love that movie! So funny.

Saturday, Kyle and I just stayed home and were lazy all day. The BYU game was only played on ESPNU, which noone gets, and we didn't want to go to the Wilk, so we just listened to it on the radio. We also watched Meet The Parents. I didn't think I had seen it before... Turns out I had, and I wasn't the biggest fan. But that's ok. We thought about going to the State Fair, but turns out it was like $9 a ticket just to get in. No, thank you. Ryan and Lindsay also brought over a CD of pictures from our Labor Day adventures, so I'll post some of those a little later today.

Yesterday, Kyle had to work from 7am-3pm. So I went to church, and learned good things to share with him (all about unity in marriage and faith in God). And then I took a nap, and my visiting teachers came by, and then Kyle came home and we went over to my mom's for dinner! Yum! And played with the baby sister and chatted, and it was lovely.

This week? Dinner with Mallory (before she leaves to Virginia!), dinner with Shauna and Roger, the Brad Paisley concert on Friday, going to the Conference Center for the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday, dad-in-law coming into town, and perhaps a new baby niece! :) Sounds great to me!

PS - i'm learning why health care and insurance really really suck.

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