Sunday, September 5, 2010


I've always loved football.
(Maybe love is a strong word choice, but I like it)
I went to almost all home and away games in high school. I've always been part of the student fan club (Lehi STU, Bruin Crazies, and now, Cougar United). I especially love night games, playing under the lights.
Anyway, this is all besides the point.

Yesterday was the home opener of the 2010 BYU Football Season.

Against Washington.

And had a good time.
From the totally wasted Washington fan (who looked hardly old enough to drive) who stood right by us (who Kyle yelled at a couple of times, and then to make up for it he (fan) tried to keep talking to Kyle nicely),  to the hot hot hot sun, to the being with friends, it was a good time. Our seats are with Sarah, Ginger, Tyler, Sam and other people from that ward.

(Well, we only bought one All-Sports Pass since they're ridiculously expensive, and that way Kyle and I can switch off since he has to work some Saturdays anyway.) - But we got Kyle a ticket yesterday, so we could go together!

And then, after the game, Bud and Cami came over, and we ate brownies and chatted until the traffic cleared. Good times :) 


sydney said...

How fun! I love football season! Your blog is so fun, I'm so excited that you commented on mine so I can look at yours now!

sarah joelle said...

rise and shout, baby!
i'm so excited to have tickets with you guys again. its going to be a great season!