Saturday, September 4, 2010


I realized I never really posted about my birthday.

Obviously, we were in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons National Park for my birthday. And I've posted about that. And we had a good time.

I got a few awesome presents, though, and would like to share them.

First of all, my wonderful in-laws got me tickets to go see Brad Paisley at the end of this month, yay! This was totally a surprise and I'm so excited. Kyle and I love Brad Paisley! Alan and Jess are also going to come with us, so that will be fun!

I picked out a cute pair of sandals for work and school, and got those from Kyle.
I love them and they are super comfy.

And we also picked out this cute pillow while we were at Yellowstone! It's home is on our couch.

My mom is also getting me a new pair of scriptures with my new last name on it! I'm also excited for those :)


Anna said...

Good choice on the sandals! I have them in brown :)

missy said...

I am SO jealous about the Brad Paisley tickets. oooooohhhhh man. You'll have so much fun!