Friday, September 24, 2010

In which,

I'd like to discuss Glee, and perhaps Mockingjay.
And tell you about what a fun time we had over at Roger and Shauna's last night.
And remind you that I'm going to Brad Paisley tonight, and discuss my classes with you.
And talk about how good looking my husband is.
And tell you how I'm excited for my father-in-law to come into town.
And tell you how I'm also excited for my sister-in-law to have her baby.
And write a post similar to Kellie's, about what I would take with me if my house was being evacuated.
And talk about plans, and goals, and life, and friends.

But, I'm not going to.
Because I feel sick, and am not at work.
And I'm hungry.

So... I'm going to go eat, and take some pills, and then crawl back into bed and sleep it off. So I can get up, and get ready for the day, and do the dishes, and then go to BRAD PAISLEY.


Kel said...

Uh oh... Get feeling better!! But when you are better, write about all these things because I can't wait to read them! I love you Britt.

.nicole. said...

You're such a cute writer! hopefully you weren't too sick to enjoy Brad Paisley, I love him!!!