Monday, September 27, 2010

Life as We Know It

Finally, blogging! I feel like I have a lot to blog about. That may not be competely true, but I feel that way when I don't blog for awhile.

Last week was a fun, though busy, week. Mal came over for dinner on Tuesday night, and it was so fun to catch up with her. She's moving to Virginia next week, and we'll miss her!
Thursday night Kyle and I took dinner over to Roger and Shauna's, and we had a fun time eating and chatting. Their little Corbyn is so much fun, and so cute. I love those little babies :)
Glee returned for the second season! SO good. I love Glee. I can't wait for the Britney Spears episode to air tomorrow.

Friday night Kyle and I went up and ate dinner with Alan and Jess, and then we all went to the Brad Paisley concert! So fun! I love Brad Paisley, and even Kyle likes him :) The concert was amazing, and he sang all the songs I wanted him to. Kyle sang along with them too, and it was just a good time.

Saturday I had the opportunity to go up to Salt Lake with some of my girl friends in the ward to go to the Relief Society broadcast in the Conference Center. The five of us drove up together, and had a fun time just chatting. The broadcast was very good, and President Monson was so funny the whole time. We drove back down and grabbed some food, and chatted a bit more. Such a fun girls night.

Sunday we went to church, where the lessons were great, as usual. Afterwards we drove up to Nathan and Melanie's, talked with them (and Evan, Kyle's dad, who is in town!), played with the kids, and ate a delicious steak and potato dinner, yum! If Mel doesn't have her baby by tomorrow, she's being induced! I'm so excited for a new little niece!

(I had pictures to go along with this, but blogger is being lame... Maybe tomorrow.)

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