Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day

All right, let's get this started.

Our Labor Day was amazing. Best one in a long time! Kyle and I couldn't even remember what we did (although, reading back on my old blog.... it was the BYU vs Oklahoma game [epic!] that Saturday, and Labor Day was the Blink 182 concert, which was awesome!)

Anyway... I've already blogged about Saturday, which was the first home football game. Then on Sunday, we slept in (missed our new early morning church schedule), got dressed, and drove down to Price and visted Grandma Hanson. She's so great. Then we drove up to Scofield, to Dennis and Sandra's (Kyle's uncle and aunt) cabin, and met up with Ryan and Lindsay (Kyle's cousin and his wife), their two kids, Ellie and Bracken, and Lindsay's parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. A little while after we got there, Alan and Jess showed up, and we all ate dinner - delicious bbq ribs, funeral potatoes, and corn on the cob.
We had a little bonfire, Lindsay's family left, the kids were put to bed, and the six adults played an awesome game of electronic LIFE, which Kyle and I won :) Then it was bedtime.

We woke up, ate breakfast, watched Cars with the kids, and then it was off on a four-wheeling adventure! Ryan, Lindsay and Bracken were on one four-wheeler, Alan and Jess on another one, and Kyle, Ellie and I on the last one. It was a lot of fun! Ellie's so darling, and we had a lot of fun on her four-wheeler... She likes to sing to herself. So cute. After we got back from four-wheeling, we ate lunch, changed in our swimsuits, and went boating!

I went tubing for the first time ever, and it was fun! The water was SUPER cold though, holy cow! So I only went on a very short tube ride. It was fun, though, I did enjoy it! I probably would have liked it more if the water wasn't so cold.... Our camera died, so we took lots of pictures with Ryan and Lindsay's camera. When I get those I'll post them.

So that was our Labor Day, not bad at all.
Ryan and Lindsay are at Lake Powell this weekend, and invited us to go with. Sadly, we have school, and work... So we couldn't. Alan and Jess got to go though, so that should be fun!

Other news... My sister-in-law's baby should be here in the next week or two! Kyle and I are excited for a new baby niece!

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