Monday, June 27, 2011

Pocatello, MG's, Weddings, and Family - OH MY!

We had a great weekend! It started out on Friday - both of us had it off of work and we drove up to Pocatello to check some things out. We hung out on campus, checking out housing and financial aid and the bookstore. We also check out a few apartments - all of them were a no go. But we did have a good time spending some extra time together that we normally do not have.

Friday night was also a girls night with the MG's. We all met up at Natalie's house and then went out to eat. I forget what the restaurant was called... But it was awful. Well, the food was really good (soups and sandwiches) but we waited for an hour for our food! It does not take that long to make a sandwich. Then we had to wait forever for our checks, and then we had to wait forever for them to get back to us... Ugh. Oh well. Then we went back to Nat's and just chatted for hours like we always do! We took some great group pictures as well. Love my MG's.

Adrianne, me, Bonnie, Natali, Leanna, Lindsay, Jamilyn, Stephanie, Natalie, and Annika

Saturday was my old roommate Nadia's wedding. Her and Trent were sealed in the Bountiful Temple and it was a beautiful day. I'm so happy for her! Bishop Hart came to the sealing and it was so good to see him. He was our single's ward bishop and we love him. He has a special place in my heart - he was one of the witnesses at our sealing. His whole family is amazing, and so, like I said, it was so good to see him! In between the sealing and the reception we went to get their wedding present, and we also went and saw Cars 2. It was a pretty cute movie, not as good as the first one (or other Pixar movies) but we still liked it. We drove back to the reception, ate some delicious food (they had Jamba Juice!) and then drove back down to Orem where we stopped by my friend Danny's reception. Danny and I were in the same ward our junior year of high school and we also hung out in the same group of friends. He's a great guy and I'm so happy for him! His wife seems like a sweetheart. While we were there we chatted with Braden, Brad and his wife, and Missy and Jordan. It was great to see them all!

Bishop Hart with me and Kyle

Me and Kim! She was mine and Nadia's other roommate.

K and I 
Trent and Nadia, so happy!

Hugging the beautiful bride. 
I love her!
Yesterday Kyle didn't work (yes!) so we were able to go to church together. After church we drove up to Nathan and Mel's for family dinner. We ate, talked, played some Wii, and played with the kiddos.

Cute Baby A
I have dang cute nieces. This is the baby.

So there you go - we had a great weekend. A lot of driving was involved... But it was all worth it :)


Molly said...

I'm sad you guys missed our lemon dinner, but it sounds like you had a dang good weekend! How fun!

Godfrey's said...

Britt you look like a babe at your friends wedding. I love your outfit. Where did you get that skirt?

Anna said...

You look sooo fantastic in those pictures!!!

eiramirak said...

I know Nadia's Husband Trent Despain...he was one of my EFY boys!