Monday, June 13, 2011

Everybody Loves the Weekend

This weekend was a blast.

Started off with a girl's night with my friend Milanne on Friday night.
We went to Zupa's, and chatted, and made some S'more cookie bars.

Saturday was my good friend/old roommate Nadia's bridal shower, which was a blast! It was so fun to see her, and talk about her and Trent. They're getting married in less than two weeks, and Kyle and I are so excited to go to their sealing and reception!

Then, Sarah, Ginger and I went to Orem Summerfest! Oh, I love Summerfest. We met up with my mom and Charity, and some family friends for the parade. Then we walked around, met up with Ayisha, Landon, and Jordan and got some food at Cafe Paesan (that place was delicious!). Then we parted ways with A, L, and J and started walking  back to the car. The fireworks started before we made it back to the car, so the three of us sat down on the curb and watched. After the fireworks were over we went to Spoon It Up and just hung out and chatted. Love you girls!

Sunday was a great day too.
I was visit taught, we went to church, then we went on a picnic for dinner and read aloud the Ensign and Book of Mormon to each other. Then we went over to Jill and Garyn's for some delicious dessert, and watched the Finals. We came back and watched LOST while folding laundry.

So, we had a great weekend... Well, maybe me more so than Kyle since Kyle worked a lot. 

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Molly said...

How fun! I love that you guys went on a picnic and read the Ensign and Book of Mormon. What a great idea!