Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some Thoughts

:: Pinterest is awesome and addicting. If you want an invite, just leave your email address in the comments!

:: I bought myself some black skinny jeans a couple of weeks ago. I love them.

:: I "decided" on my style. I was telling Sarah, it's like, I start getting ready and I have a really cute ensemble in mind and I'd look awesome... But half way through I get bored, or impatient, so I leave the house looking half-way put together. Yep. I'm great.

:: I really love Forever 21. Cheap shirts, cheap tanks, cheap jewelry, cheap hair accessories. Yes, please.

:: This was a great week for friends. Dinner with Kyla, running into Britt, going to a concert with Sarah, Adrianne and Lindsay, and going to a bridal shower with my mom and sister. I love being social.

:: I'm getting so excited to move to Pocatello. (Like I don't mention that every post.)

: I love reading.

:: 4 years ago I graduated from high school. Thought I was on top of the world. Oh baby B, how wrong you were.

:: I want a catchy blog title.... Ideas are welcome.

:: I really need to start taking more pictures. And posting them. I will, I will!


Clayton and Malae Talley said...

I've never looked at pintrest but I've heard how wonderful it is. I'd love an invite and something else to get addicted to ;)

Ky said...

I love this. I love how you say things. You're adorable! It was SO good to see you the other night!

Brittany said...

I would LOVE and invite to pinterest.

Clayton and Malae Talley said...

I guess you need my email address :)

Janae said...

britt i just love you and your efy blog made me happy ive had those exact same thoughts. and i would love an invite.

Nadia said...

I want one!