Monday, June 27, 2011

Chari's Birthday

My baby sister turned 8 yesterday (or rather the 16th, since I'm so late posting this), and we had a lot of fun spending the day together.
K, Chari, my mom and I went bowling at Fat Cats.
Then we went home, and ate homemade pizza and homemade ice cream.

Charity has been really into Star Wars lately, and we got her a lightsaber for her birthday. It was a big hit. She wouldn't put it down the whole day! And because of her love for Star Wars, we watched Star Wars episodes 4, 5, and the last little bit of 6.

Chari is going to be baptized on the 2nd, and I am so excited for her! 

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Kates said...

Oh my heck, I can't believe she's 8!!! Last time I saw her, it was still a little tricky to figure out what she was saying!