Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling Better

Still ridiculously stuffed up, and I sound a bit like a man...
But I don't feel as blah as I did earlier.
So that is good news.

I forced myself to get up, and get ready, and go out to dinner with some of my girls tonight. (I only forced myself to get ready, not to actually go... I was so excited to see them!)
Lindsay, Nikki, Leanna, Steph, Natali, Annika, Kellie and myself met up at Los Hermanos for dinner during the priesthood session. We ate and chatted, as we always do. It was so good to see them, and catch up. I love those girls. They really truly are some of my best best friends. We missed all you that weren't there!

I think I"m going to put on some tunes, and clean up our apartment a little bit. It truly needs it. Dishes, laundry, school books, the usual are crowding altogether.

I can't wait for Kyle to get home from priesthood. He drove up to West Jordan to watch it with his brothers, and dad. I miss him. I have hardly seen him this week. I just love him, so much.

PS - BYU TV was playing The Work and the Glory movie today right after the afternoon session. I LOVE those books. The Steeds are pretty much my heroes. I bawl during all books, and the movie was no exception. I cried at least twice. ..... I won't get on my soapbox about them.... (They HAVE to be real, Gerald Lund is an apostle, he could have totally been inspired to write about a real family.... Right?!?? I"m seriously going to meet them in Heaven. Planning on it.)


Kel said...

You are wonderful.

I love you.

Annika said...

I LOVE The work & The glory!!! i never got all the way thru the books, I think i stopped on the 5th one....but i'm working on finishing it up one day! The STEEDS BETTER be real!