Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fallishness! Its a word, you've just never heard it before

So I'm sitting at work and it's 1AM. I've been here for 10hrs and I still got 6hrs to go. I smell like smoke because earlier we took them to a sweat lodge and they went through some ceremony with a Cherokee Indian. I read a book outside because I didn't want to be stinky for the next 14 hrs I was at work. That didn't work out to well for me. Oh well the smoke on me is a lot better than what most of the kids smelled like afterwards....

Monday night one of the kids snuck into the office and left porn up on the computer. I had to be the one to use it next. Tonight I had to restrain one of the kids for the first time. Sometimes my job is stressful and then I remember how much I get paid and it doesn't help me feel any better! I must get in to graduate school. That's what I tell myself every day.

The Braves are out of the playoffs and Bobby Cox is retired. Sad. Bobby Cox isn't too far behind John Wooden on my best coaches of all time list. I love my Braves and I wish they wouldn't have had so many injuries this year. At least BYU won on Saturday. I still love to watch them even when they aren't very good. I think that makes me a true fan. I definitely like watching more when they win though. Preseason in the NBA is too long. I want Jazz games to watch!! I hate cold weather but at least I have the Jazz to keep me happy.

Oh and I have a beautiful wife who also makes me very happy! Yay I blogged. You should be so proud of me (that 30 songs in 30 days was way too much to ask of me). Now I'm going to Netflix. I'll probably watch Pawn Shop Stars from the history channel. I'm not sure why I like that show, but I think it is so funny. Its like antiques road show only with guns and cool stuff. Stay Classy!


Nadia said...

Oh Kyle, you're definitely way too funny. You should blog more often. Also, I'm so happy you have Netflix, isn't it awesome? Definitely worth the 8$ a month. And yes, you do have a beautiful wife that I miss sooo much.

Ayisha said...

I miss working with troubled kids. They can be such a pain in the rear but teach you so much too...and no worries Kyle-face. You'll get to be attending Grad School sooner than you think! :) PS as soon as the season finally starts, we all need to have Jazz parties. With food. Lots of it.