Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go vote for me!

So it's my Tuesday night grave yard shift. I need to do something to pass the time (Don't worry Britt those graduate schools and independent study classes aren't going anywhere) so I wrote my audition to be a JazzBot blogger. Its pretty awesome. I mean who wouldn't want my mad writing skills and insane sports knowledge? So go read my blog and vote!

Anywho if I win I get to write blogs twice a week for and supposedly they give you some free tickets and Jazz gear and if you get assigned you get to interview players. Basically that would be wicked awesome so you should help a brother out (I know I'm not black but I can play basketball like I am)! Thank you!

Life is good even though BYU football is bad. Basketball starts in two weeks so at least we will see some high scores from somebody cause the football team sure can't score!

So I'm thinking I'll apply to BYU, USU, UNLV, Purdue and maybe CSU. Any other suggestions?? I'd be a good marriage and family therapist right?? I think USU is my first choice but I really wish it wasn't in Logan. You know, its just a bit far from everything and kind of cold....

Well I think I'll be on to Netflix now. Only 4 more hours to go.


sarah joelle said...

YAY PURDUE!!! boiler up! indiana is LEGIT.

Rue Lynn said...

University of South Florida. Great weather, no snow - USU cold, very, very cold,... did I mention beaches, and mickey lives real near I am here!

Go Bulls!!!