Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthdays, Pumpkins, and Boots - oh my!

Wednesday was my mom's birthday. She came over to our apartment with my little sister for dinner! Kyle and I made a yummy dinner of chicken cordon bleu, funeral potatoes, and peas. We also had my homemade bread, and my  mom's homemade jam, yum! For dessert I made my mom a carrot cake. (Wow! I sound so domestic!) 

We also carved pumpkins. My mom carved a little squat pumpkin with a classic toothy grin. Charity wanted to carve an hour on her white "ghost" pumpkin - which means Kyle ended up doing most of the work. I carved a regular orange pumpkin with two ghost shapes. (I'll post a picture when I get home...)

Also, I've been wanting a new pair of brown boots. I bought my current pair of Ugg lookalikes  my freshman year. They're pretty trashed from wearing them through 3 Utah winters. I needed a new pair, and Kyle was going to get me some last Christmas, but I was picky and never found any I liked. So, when we went to the mall to get my mom's birthday present, we stopped by Forever Young Shoes... and I found a pair I liked and we got them! :) I'm very excited about them.

Sorry it's a bad picture. They're brown, leathery material. 

and one last thing.... Macey's had some great coupons this week. And I'm just excited about it, so I wanted to share! (I really am turning into a housewife...)

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