Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not Much

is new.

I go to work.
I go to class.
I go home.
I work on homework.

I talk to Kyle if he's home. (He works evenings/nights, mostly).

A couple of days ago I ordered a cute dress from Shade for only $7.19, and I got a tankini top for $14. Thank you, Shade, for going out of business. I appreciate buying cheap clothing.

Last night Kyle and I watched Taken. I forgot how awesome that movie is.

Tonight, I'm going to go to the Farmers Market with Ginger and Sarah. (I love them, my bff's for sure!)
And then Kyle and I will eat dinner.
And then go to the Temple. Yes! I love the Temple.

Kyle's best friend Bud got engaged last Friday night. We are so excited for him and Cami!

Last weekend, I went to Divine Comedy with Ginger, Sarah, Tyler, Sam and Jackson (Kyle was at work). It was so funny! Afterwards, we went back to their ward, and there was a Rockband Battle of the Bands. Pretty hilarious.
Saturday, I got to see my good friend Alecia, at her baby shower! Her little Milo is so darling! And doing so well. And.... Kyle and I hung out. And I saw Ayisha, Missy, Jordan, etc. And I'm sure we did some other stuff. Weekends are just nice to relax.


sarah joelle said...

i always love when i am mentioned on your blog :) hooray!

AdrianneJayne said...

i totally wanna go to the farmer's market. too bad i have to go to stupid sewing open lab. it is consuming my life. we'll have to hang soon!