Sunday, August 29, 2010

YELLOWSTONE [pictures to be added soon - check back]

Oh, what fun! I had never been to Yellowstone, and I was quite excited.
And boy, did it live up to its hype.

Day 1 [Wednesday]
Kyle didn't get off work until 7 am, so he slept a little before we packed up. We left Provo around 11 am. We drove up to Nathan and Melanie's and got the audiobook version of "Mockingjay" downloaded onto our iPod. (We have about 3 hours left - like 7 chapters? You know what we'll be doing tonight... We'll be huddled around our iPod dock, ha.)
And then we drove and drove and drove.
And I even drove from Tremonton to Idaho Falls.

We got to West Yellowstone around 6, and grabbed some Subway.
Then kept driving.
We got to our campsite (Bridge Bay), set up, and went to sleep.

Day 2 [Thursday]
We woke a bit, a bit later than planned, and started our day.
We visited Old Faithful - which was just what I expected. (I've wanted to see Old Faithful since I was little!) And we walked around up to Daisy Geyser and back down. Beehive Geyser was my favorite though - so powerful and huge!
I got tired and hungry and grumpy...  but survived.
We went around to the paint pots that day too.
And we went on a little walk down to the lake.
I loved the lake - probably one of my most favorite things about Yellowstone.
Also, this was the night I had irrational fears about bears eating me and didn't sleep very well.

Day 3 [Friday]
We got up a bit late (again) and drove up to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We hiked Uncle Tom's Trail - and let me tell you, my calves are still sore from all those stairs! I made it though, and it was beautiful. We went all around to the other viewpoints on both the south and north rim. So pretty! I loved the waterfalls.

Day 4 [Saturday] MY 21ST BIRTHDAY :)
We woke up... But stayed in our little bed talking... And then it began to rain. So we got up, shoved all of our things in the car and drove out of Yellowstone. We drove down through a pretty heavy rainstorm to the Tetons. We picked out a campsite at Jenny Lake, and drove around. Down to Jackson Hole, for a couple quick walks around the lake (in between the rain showers). We ate and stuff, too.
Then a HUGE thunderstorm rolled in between 8-9 pm. And it rained, and thundered, and lighteninged (? - haha) and I was scared. I'm basically over my fear of thunder, but I apparently have an(other) irrational fear of lightening. (I was either going to get eaten by a bear, or struck by lightening on this trip). So I was scared, and cuddled up next to Kyle and made him hold me so I wasn't so scared. And tried to sleep.

Day 5 [Sunday] (today)
We woke up and were on the road by 7:45.
And we got home around 1:30.
And I napped.
And we showered.

Life is great.

And school starts tomorrow.
Last fall semester EVER.
I'm old.

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Camille said...

Sounds so fun Britt! I need to find me a copy of Mockingjay too... is it as good as the other two? I'm dying!