Monday, August 30, 2010

In The Which

I discuss how today was my last first day of a fall semester.
When did I grow up?

My first class was good. I have it with my good friend Kristin, as well as a couple other girls we work with, and Leanna's sister Kimbra is in that class, and a few other people I recognized from other major classes.
Tomorrow I have my other three classes - so you'll be hearing about those then.
I graduate in April.
And then I am done with school. Forever.
Not schooling, not learning, but the actual going to school part.

One thing I won't miss is buying books. Money down the drain, every year.

Here's to BYU, to the college experience, and pending graduation.

Also, my work BFF's Camrie and Megan are back.
It makes me happy.

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