Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Days...

I think of great blog posts to write, and what great topics and updates to give... And then when I find the time to actually write a real blog post... All ideas are gone.

So - here's a small update on our lives:

- I'm working full-time in between semesters. Work is CRAZY busy right now, and a little bit stressful. But it's still a great job.

- Kyle is also working, but has to work 3 graveyards this week. Boo. We don't like those hours, because (1) we don't get to fall asleep together, and (2) Kyle doesn't get to spend time with the boys, which is why he wanted the job in the first place. Lame.

- Sarah is home in Indiana. Good for her, boring for me. Except we get to gchat while both at work. Good times.

- School starts in 11 days.

- We're going to Yellowstone in six days.

- I went to Bri's homecoming, and a single's ward, and my own ward all in one Sunday. Ayisha and I got to spend lots of time together, and I love her.

- Life is great.

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