Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 7 - A Song That Reminds Me of a Certain Event

I've been racking my brain to try and figure out what the heck song I can post for this day. I've been trying, and trying, and trying... So, I've finally thought of one, and I'm posting it. Maybe if I get a great idea, I'll post that instead but for now... Please be introduced to my BREAK-UP list. Each of these songs remind me of a specific break-up. I won't list names, just when the break-up occured.

Break-up #1, Sophomore Year, Lehi "Just Missed The Train" - Kelly Clarkson
Break-up #1, Sophomore Year, Lehi "Low" - Kelly Clarkson
Break-up #1, Sophomore Year, Lehi "Fall to Pieces" - Avril Lavigne
(there are a lot more songs for this first break-up, I was a dramatic, distressed 15 year-old girl)
Break-up #2, Junior Year, Mountain View "Cold As You" - Taylor Swift
Break-up #2, Junior/Senior Year, Mountain View "Ten Days" - Missy Higgins
Break-up #?, Sophomore Year, BYU "If I Were a Boy" - Beyonce
Break-up #?, Sophomore Year, BYU "White Horse" - Taylor Swift

There of course are others, but those are main ones that I can remember singing along to directly after a specific break-up. And don't worry, I won't post videos of all these songs. I'll just post "If I Were A Boy".

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