Monday, August 2, 2010

My New Job

I got a job with Heritage Youth Services. I work at a residential treatment center for youth who are sex offenders. Right now we only have seven boys but the house has room for up to 12. They can be handful but they are typical teenagers trying to figure out who they are. I really like working with them and they like to have someone who enjoys playing sports with them.

I don't get paid a lot, I work some crazy shifts, and I don't have benefits but I am just happy to have a job and do something that will help prepare me for graduate school. I filled out so many applications and I was so tired of looking for a job. I interviewed for the job and we went to the temple that night the next morning I woke up to my phone ringing with my boss offering me the job. I was so excited and it has been great so far.

Now I can focus on taking a couple independent study classes for graduate school prerequisites and other things I have been waiting to do. It is so stressful to not have a job and I am grateful for Britt putting up with me being so bored and moody. Now I just get tired from working but that is a good feeling. 56 hours was a lot last week, but I learned some great things in training and I am very excited for my first paycheck this week!

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