Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a Little Update

So, Kyle has worked 56 hours this week.
That's a whole lot of hours. The poor guy is so tired.
But he likes his job, and now he has a job, so there's not too much to complain about.

This week has been busy for me with school things.
As will next week.
Next week is the last full week of the term, so it's crunch time.
My classes are still going well, and are a lot of fun! Well... MComm is a lot of fun, Cognitive Development just has interesting subject matter.

Last night, Ginger and Sarah picked me up from work, we went to Costa Vida for dinner. Yes, I know I don't like Costa Vida/Cafe Rio, but we had coupons for a burrito for $4.99, so I went and got one, ate a couple of bites, and brought the rest home for Kyle since he really likes them. We also got hooked up with free dessert. All in all it was a very successful adventure.

Afterwards, I came home and finished cleaning up our apartment for an MG night!
There were just a few of us.... Leanna, Sarah, Adrianne and myself.
Sarah left, then Leanna, and then Adrianne and I had a really good, long talk about all sorts of things! I just love her. And all of them.
Leanna is moving to St George next week, and I'll miss her a lot!

... well, that's just a quick update on our lives.
But, exciting news! We're planning on going to Yellowstone in August! We've still got to figure out details and all sorts of things like that... But it would be so fun to go! :)

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