Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July, part one

(and I say part one because this is the post in which I'll tell you all about the fun things we are planning on doing, and then in part two I'll tell you about all the things we ended up doing.)


Life is going well. Small update on us: Kyle is still working on finding a job. So frustrating, since no one has even called to schedule an interview. Do they really want employees? Or is it all a joke?
Me, I'm just going to school and working. I've already had a midterm, and I have a group presentation on Tuesday, so that has been keeping me busy. My new calling has me doing a few things too... But as long as I'm busy, I don't remember that I'm tired!

Some highlights of this week:
*Kyle won his softball game
*My best friend Dani went through the Temple last night! She leaves for her mission in Jamaica on August 4th. I sure am going to miss her.
*Steph and Bradley go married on Wednesday. Oh she looked so beautiful, and of course it was wonderful to see all my girls together.

This weekend (as stated in the title) is the Fourth of July!
Tomorrow night we are going with Alan and Jess to the Stadium of Fire!
Like I've said before, Carrie Underwood is performing, and we are both very excited to see her!
Tomorrow we'll also watching the Paraguay World Cup game, and maybe going to see a movie.
Sunday, we'll go to church, and then go to my mom's for a little BBQ.
Monday... Who knows? Maybe we'll go to the parade, maybe not.

Last year, for the Fourth, Kyle and I camped out for the parade with Mallory and Matt. It was so fun, apart from the fact that it poured in the middle of the night! We also watched a movie, went to our ward's BBQ, and watched the fireworks. It also happens to have been the night of our first kiss... Awwww.
A lot can happen in a year :)

That's all for now. I promise I'll be good at taking pictures this weekend!

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Nikki & James said...

it was the night of your first kiss?? oh my gosh that is sooo cute!