Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Times

I needed to take a break from putting together my team report.
So, here I am blogging.

Latest happens include a sleepover with my little sister last weekend, partying with Ginger and Sarah this weekend, two midterms taken, Dani's farewell, and... other stuff.

This weekend was fantastic. First of all, it was a holiday so I got Friday off from work. On Thursday night, Kyle and I went and saw INCEPTION.
Oh my goodness, that movie was amazing. When I first saw the trailer a while ago I thought that it could either be awfully done, or it could be amazing. Once it came out, everyone I talked to said it was on the amazing side. I had to see it. And am I glad I did!
I want to see it like 18290843200 more times. There are probably so many more things to discover in that movie.
I definitely recommend it.

Wellll, Kyle had to work Friday and Saturday nights from 3 pm to 11 pm.
(He's working that shift tonight too.)
On Friday afternoon, I went out to lunch with my BFF Emily, and her sister Ashley. Much catching up occurred. I love them.
On Friday night, I hung out with Sarah and Ginger. Our dear friend Tyler Russell (who was once roommates with my Kyle) also came over, as well as one of S and G's friends - also named Tyler.
What did we do? Oh, just watched the Pokemon 2000 movie. On VHS. I know you're jealous right now. And then we broke out the Pokemon N64 game, and then Tony Hawk ProSkater, and then Mario Kart. Some fellow named Kevin in the ward, Sarah's friend Caroline, and then Kyle came over and joined us.
Definitely an awesome night full of fun, friends, laughter, and old school video games.
Plus, Kyle and I went home and made chocolate chip pancakes. Yum.

Saturday, after doing some laundry and grocery shopping, I went over to Ginger's. We helped Sarah dress for her date. (which may or may not have involved Ginger and I hiding in the bathroom when her date came to pick her up...) Then we watched New Moon. We alternated between laughing, making snide remarks at all the characters, and swooning over the brown boys. Sarah came over after her date and we chatted before I went home.
I also finished Work and the Glory 7. I was sobbing by the end. (spoiler - Benjamin died!) (and yes, I've read these before, but I forgot how/when he died, so it was a big shock). Kyle came home to a sobbing wife.

Today I got to go give a talk in my own ward today. Yippee. The topic was communication. I think it went pretty well.

And now.... Back to the typing of a paper...

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