Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stadium of Fire!

Oh, it was so fun!

But to start off... On Friday we had a date night!
We went to the Pizza Factory and got their Chicken Alfredo pizza, yum!
Saturday, we watched the Paraguay game with Alan, went grocery shopping and then had a mini indoor BBQ with Alan and Jess. I love good summer food.

Then, it was off to the Stadium of Fire!

The jet flyover is always awesome, it was a Court of Honor for around 260 Eagle Scouts, Jenny Oaks Baker is amazing on the violin, the Osmonds Second Generation always makes me smile, the dancers were great, the chorus was great, and the 5 Browns are so intense!
But, of course, we were all waiting for Carrie Underwood and the fireworks!

Oh, Carrie.
She is seriously so amazing!
And such a sweetheart (you know... from what I can tell).
And the fireworks were awesome.

And now, as promised, I made sure to take pictures! So here they are

(Jenny Oaks Baker)

(Osmonds 2nd Generation)

(Carrie Underwood)



AdrianneJayne said...

Oh, those jets were for stadium of fire? My brother in law told me he ordered them special for our celebration (haha.. don't worry, I kinda put two and two together and figured they were for SOF). I saw all those little girls practicing at the field while Jed had his Frisbee game last week, they looked soooo cute! Looks like fun! I bet it was amazing!

Ayisha said...

please tell kyle that the picture of him, the second one up there, is the greatest thing in history. haha!