Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last night Kyle and I went to the Owlz opening game with our friends Garyn and Jill. The weather wasn't too hot, and we had a good time sitting out on the grass, chatting and watching the game.
After the game, there were fireworks! I never really liked fireworks growing up because of the loud noise they make. And while I'm still not a fan of the noise, I do love them!
Kyle and I are going to the Stadium of Fire next weekend, and we'll get to see more! Not to mention the very lovely Carrie Underwood is performing.
Now that it's hot, and we can go out and do fun things like that, it feels more like summer (although I am still in school.... lame.)


Kel said...

I'm right with ya: I'll be in school all summa long. At least we're getting it done quicker, eh?

Love you Britt.

Camille said...

Your hair is so cute Britt! I love it! And, I love your wedding pictures. What a beautiful couple!