Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Quick Note

to say I'm glad that Halloween is over, and that it's now November.
to say, "holy cow, it's November already?!"
to say I'm excited to go down to Utah this weekend, to see our good friends Tyler and Alishia get married, and to see our family as well.
to say I love books and reading.
to say I love autumn smells.
to say I love my husband.
to say I'm kind of tired and have a long 5 hours ahead of me still. (Tuesdays are my latest and most exhausting days.)
to say I have been taking the time to notice tender mercies more lately.
to say .... well, happy fall!

Our lovely pumpkin.

Us and the pumpkin - K did most of the work, I supervised eating of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies :)

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