Sunday, November 27, 2011

PS - congratulations are in order for....

My dear friend, Natalie Savage, who just received her mission call! She was called to serve in the Salt Lake Temple Square mission and enters the MTC on January 4th! Nat was one of my best friends at the Riv, and I'm so excited for her!
Me and Nat ice skating in 2009.

And, this is kind of old news, but congrats are also in order for my BFF Dani (I can't call her anything but that, it's like her title) who is getting married to Michel Knowles on April 26, 2012! I'm so happy for her, and excited to be a bridesmaid as well ;) 
Ok, this is a terrible picture of both of us, but I love it so! This was my 19th birthday breakfast at IHOP. Dani's also pictured in the post below :)

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